Antakya will reach its cable car by the end of the year

The ropeway which will be established between Habib-i Neccar Mountain and Uzunçarşı in Antakya will be put into service until the end of the year. With a thousand 100 meters of cable car, the city can be seen from the air. Visitors to the top of the mountain with the cable car will have the opportunity to use the viewing terraces there. The cable car, which will follow the route on the historical houses of Antakya, will carry an average of 1,000 200 people per hour.

Antakya Mayor Lütfü Savaş, due to some historical ruins on the mountain because of the decision is expected from the Board of Monuments, the board will begin to work until the end of the year if the obstacle, he said. Savaş Our aim is to walk people there and make some contribution to the shopkeepers. Başkan Saving that the length of the ropeway will be a thousand 100 meters, Savaş said, “6,5 will be released in minutes and 6,5 will land in minutes. So the sum of the trip will be 13 minutes. But if we do beautiful cafeterias, children's play groups and restaurants above, our guests will have the opportunity to have some fun and spend some money. ”

Mayor Lütfü Savaş emphasized that they are ready to move to big city status and said: yapan Doing so much work in Antakya in the short term, with much better facilities in the metropolitan city, it does much more. We have done so much with limited facilities. ” Saved from the sewer residues on the two sides of the Asi River cruising terraces and describing that they create a hiking trail, before the month of January to download a boat into the river on the boat said that they will begin to marry. Stating that they have established a water retention system in the river for boat rides, Savaş said, ik We brought water from the treatment plant and we give Asi to the bottom of the museum. That water will raise the river from the bottom. It will flow like a waterfall from above and will raise the water when the water is low in the summer..

Antakya Prime Mall, such as one of the two shopping centers in Odabaşı, one called the Akiş Antakya Mayor gave information, told the city has changed the shell. President Savaş explained his projects as follows: “New car park constructions are ongoing. A large sports complex is being built in the Altınçay neighborhood. With the new 23 park, the number of parks in the city has increased to 71. We'il take the animal market, the slaughterhouse and the carpet out of town. The stadium will be moved to its new place on the plain. We will transform the old stadium into a green space with six car parks. ”

Habib-i Neccar Mountain municipal social facility that will open the Mayor Lütfü Savas, where the local dishes of Antakya will be presented, he said. Stating that Antioch cuisine is a culture that must be preserved, Savaş said that UNESCO's nominations for 'World Gastronomy City' were accepted. Savaş said, uz We have been working for two years. We were candidates, now we are. If there is a chance, if our candidacy is accepted 4 in the world. We will be the place. 3 as the World Gastronomy City has located; one in Colombia, one in Sweden, one in China .. We hope we will be the fourth. ”

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