Ankara's Metro is inadequate compared to Moscow, Athens, Paris and London Metro

every opportunity MAG 'world city', saying that the capital prides itself on the subway in Moscow, Athens, Paris and London Underground according to very inadequate.
Ankara's ongoing subway construction around while keeping the agenda of dents and traffic problems experienced by Inonu Boulevard, the Republic of Ankara, the capital compared to the metro with European metropolises. Anakent Mayor Melih Gökçek's Ankara one of the first three cities of Europe'n shows that Ankara's metro numbers are not very good.
The total length of subway routes of Ankaray and entered service in 1996 and 1997 years 23 kilometers Despite being the capital of Greece in Athens, with a population this figure 11 46 million kilometers. In terms of the station, it is impossible to compare Ankara's underground transportation system with the Moscow, London and Paris subways. 22 station, this figure being moved about 50 million passengers a year in Moscow, Ankara, 3.2 billion, while 1 billion people in London. A single line of 14 kilometers of Paris's 9 line is carrying 62 million a year.
Station and length too few
In terms of “total length”, the number of stations of the Ankara metro, which is far away from the European capitals, is too small to be compared. The metro lines, which are 400 kilometers in London, 298 kilometers in Moscow and 214 kilometers in Paris, are only 23 kilometers in Ankara. Even adding the 36-kilometer Sincan - Kayaş suburban line to this number cannot change the picture. In addition, the number of stations on lines that are 270 in London, 380 in Paris and 182 in Moscow are only 22 in the Ankara subway.
The state benefits the sea!
Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek has spent a total of 10 million liras on the subway lines “under construction” for 919 years. Approximately 600 million TL was spent on the Ankaray line in use and 1 billion 194 million TL on the Kızılay - Batıkent metro line. The total resource allocated by Melih Gökçek and the Ministry of Transportation for the metro is 2 billion 715 million liras.

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