Ankara Metro Tender Should Notify the Minister

ankara metro
ankara metro

KIK member Erkan Demirtaş, who objected to Ankara Metro's vehicle tender, emphasized that subway safety documents were not presented.

Finally, the debate does not end in the Ankara Metro, which came to the agenda with a work accident that caused the death of a person at its construction site. The allegations regarding the purchase of 400 metro vehicles worth 324 million dollars, which is one of the most important pillars of the metro project, are controversial. The companies using their right to object to the tender claimed that the Ministry of Transport gave the tender to the bidder who did not submit the documents requested in the technical specification. The Public Procurement Board (KİK) controversially approved the tender. However, Erkan Demirtaş, one of the most senior members of the board, objected to the decision. There were remarkable determinations in Demirtaş's objection. tender kazanEmphasizing that the Chinese company either did not submit the documents included in the technical specifications and related to the safety of the metro, or submitted it incompletely, Demirtaş also pointed out that the envelope opening and document control report were not duly prepared by the tender commission. Demirtaş, who warned that the tender is against both transparency and reliability, formalized his objection, "It is necessary to notify the ministry about those responsible".

General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, realized the tender for the Ankara Metro in 14 February 2012 with open tender method. Construcciones Y Auxiliar De Ferrocarriles SA, based in Spain, participated in the tender. Ltd. the company's business problems in the vehicles, especially in the technical specifications of the demands of the firm in the file that took place in the tender and as it is in the Ankara Metro, the security and safety of people's life, arguing before the ministry objected. After that, he moved the matter to the Public Procurement Authority. The institution then evaluated the issue at the board level, then at the expert level. However, the evaluation of the expert of the Public Procurement Authority did not take place in the board decision. In the short decision, the complaint was rejected by majority vote.

However, remarkable determinations about the tender, which was rejected by the votes of 9 members of the 5-member board, were included in the board's decision. Accordingly, the tender kazanThe firm did not include technical information such as brake calculations, reliability plan, energy consumption calculations, collision scenarios in the technical specification in the tender dossier. The tender was concluded without the information on these issues in the technical specifications.

'Why don't we cancel this'

Board member Erkan Demirtaş, on the other hand, drew attention to the fact that the board is contradicting itself in the petition of objection he wrote. Demirtaş, who wrote to the petition of objection with examples that previously it was understood that the documents requested in the technical specifications were not included in the tender file, the Public Procurement Authority excluded the relevant company or canceled the tender, and pointed out that the judiciary and the relevant law article confirmed the rule in question. Stating that “it is understood that the information and documents included in the technical specification are qualification criteria that must be submitted with the bid”, Demirtaş drew attention to the fact that the tender commission has not duly drafted the envelope opening and document control minutes. Emphasizing that this situation alone would mean a violation of the law as well as damaging the principles of transparency and reliability, Demirtaş concluded his objection with the statement that “this situation must be reported to the ministry where the contracting administration is affiliated in order to make the necessary examination and evaluation about the responsible”. - Radikal

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