Tender for the Implementation of Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station with Build-Operate-Transfer Model

Tender Responsible: Nami AKTAN
Auction Manager Phone: 0312 309 0515 / 4292-4318
Tender Manager Fax: 0312 324 13 30
Announcement Date: 13.06.2012 00: 00: 00
Ihale Tarihi:17.07.2012 00:00:00-10:00
Cost: 7.000, -TL
Tender Method: Open Tender
Tender Subject: Construction Works
Registration Number: 2012 / 704 Y.İ.D
Mail: I namiaktan@hotmail.co
The İŞ REALIZATION OF THE ANKARA FAST TRAIN NETWORK PROJECT WITH THE BUILDING-OPERATION-TRANSFER MODEL İŞ will be tendered between the tenderers with the closed bid procedure.
1 of Administration
a) Address: General Directorate of TCDD,
Talat Pasha Boulevard No: 3 06330 Gar / Ankara
b) Telephone and fax numbers
To import file: (0312) 309 05 15 Built-in: 4292 Fax: (0312) 324 13 30
For information on the bidding: (0312) 309 05 15 Internal: 4292 Fax: (0312) 324 13 30
c) e-mail address: emlakveinsaatdairesi@tcdd.gov.tr
2-The subject of the tender
2.1. File number: 2012 / 704 TUBE
2.2. Definition: It is the kanun Implementation of Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station with Build-Operate-Transfer Model esas within the framework of the principles and procedures determined by the Council of Ministers Decree 3996 and 2011 / 1807.
2.3. Location: Within the Ankara Gar area, within the boundaries of the province, the Annex to the Tender Specifications is the area shown in the map.
2.4. Duration: The construction (investment) period is 2 (two) years after the place delivery. The duration of preparation of implementation projects is included in the 2 (two) annual investment period. Under no circumstances shall the application for construction construction permit be over the end of the 1th year after the place delivery.
3 the Tender
a) Location: General Directorate of TCDD, (Conference Hall) Talat Pasha Boulevard 06330 Gar / Ankara
b) Date and time: 17.07.2012 day 10: 00
4- Bidding Document TCDD General Directorate, Real Estate and Construction Department, 4118 room, Talat Pasha Boulevard 06330 Gar / Ankara and 7000- (seventh) TL. In return, the General Directorate of TCDD can be obtained from the Central Finance Office of the Central Finance Department. Those who will participate in the tender are obliged to purchase the tender document.
5- Bids will be given to the Chamber of Real Estate and Construction Department Tender Department 09 at the TCDD General Directorate Talat Paşa Boulevard 30 Gar / Ankara until the tender day 06330: 4118. Bids will be given by the bidder or his / her proxy and the bids to be submitted by mail will not be accepted.
6- The conditions sought for the tenderers to participate in the tender are specified in the 5th article of the Tender Specifications and the temporary guarantee amount for this job is at least 1.500.000. - (one million five hundred thousand) USD equivalent.
The values ​​that can be taken as a preliminary guarantee:
a. Turkish currency in circulation,
b. Letter of guarantee letters to be given by the banks authorized by the BRSA,
c. Securities such as government bonds, treasury bills, government-owned revenue partnership notes that can be converted into cash at any time,
as collateral.
7- This tender, 2011/1807 Council of Ministers dated Decision 4 / k material in a defined capital companies and that domestic capital companies contain elements specified in the specification other domestic companies as they may aspire to work alone and / or No. 4875 Direct Foreign Investment Law in accordance with Turkey They may also aspire to duty by establishing a joint venture with foreign companies that are allowed to operate in.
No. 4875 Direct Foreign Investment Law in accordance with foreign companies are allowed to operate in Turkey, as they will in this specification may aspire to work alone, subject to meeting the conditions laid down by the same conditions and containing No. 4875 law allowed to operate in Turkey, the other a foreign company and / or they can aspire to the task by creating a joint venture with the domestic company.
8- This work shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Council of Ministers Decree 3996 / 2011 on the application of this Law with the Law No. 1807. In this respect, the Contracting Entity is completely free to determine the appropriate bid, whether or not to make the assignment, and because of this free choice of the Contracting Entity, the tenderers cannot make any request under the name of the Administration.
9- There will be no Treasury Guarantee for the loans and other expenses of the Company.

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