How Disabled Will Reach Altunizade Metrobus Station?

The natural rights of all persons with disabilities to use public transport on an equal basis with other citizens. While public transportation stops are constructed all over the world, all necessary measures are taken in order to make it easier for the disabled to reach these areas and if necessary, the stops are constructed by adapting them to the conditions of the disabled.

For some reason, disabled people were not considered when the Metrobus Stop, which was built in Altunizade, the heart of Istanbul and has been used for years, was built in Turkey. It is almost impossible for a disabled person to reach this stop or for a disabled person who comes to the stop by Metrobus to get off the stop. Why hasn't IETT modernized this stop for so long? Why does not cover the overpasses and roads reaching the station, but the citizen gets scorched from the heat in the summer and gets wet from the rain in the winter? Why are elevators and escalators for disabled people not allocated here?

In order to show how difficult it is to get to this stop, we have viewed the difficult conditions from start to finish. We call out to IETT powers: “Please remove the obstacles for the disabled!

📩 28/04/2021 19:14

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