Akın Ilıcalı, who lost his wife in the commuter disaster, said they are not carrying potatoes and carrying can

Akın Ilıcalı, who lost his wife Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı in the suburban disaster in Istanbul, is desperate for the case: What happened in the high-speed train disaster now. They don't carry potatoes, they are dying. How can my wife be a minor flaw, who does not run after her child to the train ...
KadıköyAkın Ilıcalı, wife of academician Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı, who fell between the wagon and the station when she was trying to get on the train with her baby on July 11, spoke to AKŞAM.
The painful wife commented on the demand of up to 6 years in prison for 'causing death by negligence' for the mechanic and conductor regarding the incident. Ilıcalı believes that TCDD had a fault as well as the individuals in the incident. Ilıcalı, who argues that the gap between the platform and the train at the station is out of standard, says that the elderly, children and women with children have difficulty getting on and off these trains.
Lost in the month
Ilıcalı said: 'The requested punishments turn into birds at the court stage. What happened after the high-speed train disaster, let's get in this case. They don't carry potatoes, they are dying. How to find a perfect mechanic in the expert report. How does he not see a running person from a mirror on a flat station like Feneryolu? If he doesn't look he won't see There is an injustice in my husband's minor flaw. Who wouldn't try to get on the train after their kid. '
Ilıcalı, who reproached the call of TCDD officials 6 days after the accident, continued as follows: 'There is no one to see if anyone gets on the train, but they publish an expert report immediately after the accident. The problem here is that there is an opening where a person can fall. Everyone is in danger. ' Stating that he would be a follower of the case until the end, Ilıcalı said, 'If my wife had lived, she would have given her doctorate. July 16 was our wedding anniversary. He said, 'July 31 is his birthday.

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