Bursaray Kestel Stage Second Revision: Target Ankara Road

Bursaray has two points in the western part of Bursa. On the way to Izmir Uludag University enters the Görükle Campus. On the Mudanya Road, it extended to Emek.
The East line is on the Ankara Road until Arabayatağı.
Mayor Recep Altepe moved to extend his East Line from Arabayatağı to Kestel last year.
First project…
Kestel Junction on the Ankara Road was aimed at entering the underground towards the Kestel.
Bursaray, who was going to go through the underground at the Kestel Junction, would proceed from the underground again, ending with the underground station at the back of the shopping center and bus station at the entrance of the district.
Due to both high costs and some technical problems, the Maintenance Center and main station to be built underground were removed from the project. Instead, it was accepted that Bursaray was extended from the district entrance to the first roundabout inside.
Now is…
A different situation has emerged.
At the roundabout on Ankara Road, the tradesmen on the road leading to the district center said that the road and the whole environment will be changed if this site is excavated and this will be affected negatively.
Besides the…
The second university of Bursa will be held at the exit of Kestel. There are also industrial zones in the same direction with Barakfaki Industrial Zone.
Considering all this, Mayor Recep Altepe started to prepare for a second revision in the project.
Yesterday evening da
He made observations in Kestel to see the problems arising during the construction as well as the new situation that would occur with the revision.
Not yet projected, but according to the table formed yesterday evening Bursaray Kestel Etab will not enter the intersection at the entrance of the district. Instead, they will move from the surface on Ankara Road to the front of the bread oven.
It will both provide ease of access to the second university and will be the connection point for Barakfaki and the surrounding industrial zones to participate in the transportation system.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz




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