The first graduates of the Rail Systems Specialization Certificate Program

rail systems expertise certificate program gave its first graduates
rail systems expertise certificate program gave its first graduates

The imzalan Rail Systems Expertise Certificate Program de, which started in March 2012 with the protocol signed between Yıldız Technical University Continuous Education Center (YTUSEM) and İBB Transportation Inc., gave its first graduates.

The program was designed to train qualified manpower with the technical knowledge, skills and training equipment needed by local, regional and national rail system enterprises operating at various scales by Istanbul Transport Inc.. The aim of this course is to train qualified managers and professional staff who have understood management, planning, coordination and organization by using the Rail Systems Expertise Certificate.

Within the scope of the protocol, 2012 staff in the Spring 59 Period were given project assignments jointly with the rail system operators (Personnel Planning, Construction, Investment, Construction, Maintenance Planning etc.). The participants who successfully completed the Spring 2012 period received their certificates with a ceremony. Transportation Inc. Esenler campus ceremony ceremony held by YTU Rector Prof.Dr.Ismail Yüksek, General Manager of Transportation Inc. Ömer Yıldız and the instructors and students attended the program.

Du We aim to train the labor force needed by the sector “

General Manager Ömer Yıldız; He said that they need intelligent, qualified, solution-oriented teams to produce solutions in rail systems and to cooperate with YTU to train this team. Yildiz, said the program aims to train the qualified labor force needed by the sector.

”Traffic problem is solved by rail“

Rector of YTU Dr. Ismail Yüksek said that the traffic of the highway is no longer a problem and that the traffic solution will be increased with the increase of the railway systems. HIGH, which needs Turkey as PT Engineers, Engineers, we are working to meet the needs of certified technical staff. This program is one of these studies, he said.
The ceremony ended with the issuance of certificates to the participants.

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