Sivas Governor Ali Kolat visited the old Railroad Hospital and the station building

Governor Ali Kolat, former Railways Hospital and the building after visiting the stadium in the stadium area, athletics track and youth center was found in the land.
Sivas will be a favorite place.
Governor Ali Kolat, the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports where the investment area of ​​the former Railways Hospital and the building of the railway station.
First, the stadium field, athletics track and youth center located in the area of ​​the investigation of the Governor Ali Kolat, officials received information about the work.
Stating that the stadium tender has been done and the work will begin soon, Governor Kolat, contractor company officials came to our province said that they met with them.
Governor of the contract to be made in the area of ​​the gym tender, but the appeal of the contract was not signed Governor Kolat, inin If he also came into the 4 thousand people would be our gym. In addition, there will be a separate sports center with a capacity of 1000 people. This will be an important sport and education area. We have schools as well as sports complexes and we also transferred the fairground to TOBB ETU. This place will be an important cultural and sports center.
After the tender for the new stadium to be held in our province after the contract is also expressed Governor Kolat, the contract will begin to work after signing the company and they aim to finish in a short time, he said.
Governor Kolat was accompanied by the Deputy Mayor Orhan Demirok and the Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Salim Kılıç.
Subsequently, the Governor Kolat, who visited the Science High School building next to the Ishan TOKI houses, visited the construction site and received information from the authorities.
Vali Kolat, who also made investigations in the station building which was put into service after being restored, TCDD 4. Regional Director Ahmet Sener received information about the work done.
Governor Kolat, TCDD 4 in the station building. Stating that the Regional Directorate has done a good work, he said, “A nice study was carried out, whether it was about the square or the historical texture of the building. This is not just a station to be used for the train journey, but also our people can easily come and walk around, has turned into a very beautiful creation area. Bur
Governor Kolat, then the old Railway Hospital, found the examinations.
Provincial Health Director Bahattin Ilter, Provincial Director of Public Health Levent Saglam and Numune Hospital Chief Physician Fikret Özkan, who took the information on the visit to the Governor Kolat, the old railway hospital building related to the project and the tender was done.
Governor Kolat stated that the building will be restored and will start to serve again. In the other sections, there will be a hospital with 70 beds, where inpatient mental health patients will have inpatient treatment. Diğer

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