Ankara, Bursa's tram project, 66 with a list of items to respond!

In the correspondence of Bursa's tram project to Ankara, it was learned that the metropolitan municipality faced a confusing and sweaty result.
Interestingly, the request for information and the response from the Metropolitan Municipality of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) was revealed.
The occupation chamber, known for its opposition to the project, was met with the signature of the Mayor Recep Altepe. Altepe, in the controversial process, shared transparency and correct information.
The accompanying documents also include the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication for the project, in return for the 20 February 2012.
The report carries the opinion of the project in terms of public benefit, but it is also worth noting that the 66 list is also included in the application and documentation.
The Directorate General for Infrastructure Investments under the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, as a result of their investigations, wants the Metropolitan Municipality to complete the lack of information and detail and to make corrections.
There are interesting and simple examples!
It was announced that the first domestic wagon production was made in Bursa with the name of the silkworm, and the report said, duy A representative drawing of the vehicles should be put in the reports. İp
The number of vehicles and the characteristics of the enterprise, where the application for the 3 thousand participant survey is asked where. Due to high slope and frequent slope change, re-planning is required. Small diameter warning is made for turns.
According to other stations, the station in Ulucami is asked why 30 meters are planned to be replaced by 52 meters, and if the line crossing closes the Maksem and Inebey outputs.
Measures for pedestrian safety, line passenger potential, the extent to which the transfer from other public transportation vehicles to the tram will be intensified, how to solve the operational warehouses, and the other key elements are discussed.
In the preliminary paper, as foreseen by the draft report of the Public Transport Network prepared in accordance with the Transportation Master Plan, the reference of the Yalova Road-Bus Terminal connection is also mentioned.
The project and feasibility report is prepared by the Istanbul Transportation Co. under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. was prepared by. It was learned that the request of 66 which came to Bursa was sent to the company. After the corrections are made to Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality will send a message to Ankara.
In this project, which is planned to start at the beginning of this year, is the process prolonged? The tender, but the process of Ankara, 66 item from the request, the subject in question… a company that loses the tender, and the process will be adversely affect the process according to the negative.
Necati Şahin, the chairman of the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, considers the response of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to Ankara, and a certificate of justification for its objections.
It also argues that the opinion of the Ministry is not final approval. On the front of the metropolitan municipality, there is also the opinion that esinde with the opinion of official declaration declared officially, the project can be started with its current situation and we were told to us verbally. Büyük

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