The Need for Sauna in Konya is Covered by Trams

Mubarak, which is the second of the three months, passed half of the month of Saban, we realized the night of Berat and we started to count the days for the month of Ramadan, the Sultan of 11.
Numune Hospital with the wrong decision to move to the Yazır region, the passenger load is increasing more and the sauna return to the hot trolleys with the July heat once again on the agenda.
If you remember last April 2. managers of the Metropolitan Municipality will be installed in the trams of trams, even the tram sets will be renewed with the tender and now our citizens will benefit from the rail system as in other cities in the winter months will not be cold and above all in summer they will not sweat in the trams returned to the sauna in the summer.
The city which has the first tram in Anatolia is Konya. It is of course the right of this city to eat. However, the tram that has become the bleeding wound of Konya in the last years has now become an enmity for every last citizen.
How can he not become a bleeding wound?
The tram, which is not made any extra, except for the line in the university campus, has been described with the speed of the turtle and the ve Git Gel Konya 6 Hour vay after the darb-ı problem, ü 75 minutes between Ankara and Konya; Alaeddin campus from the 50 minute ü is also about to become a darb-ı parable.
For years, the pain of traveling with the speed of traveling with the noise of the citizens of the year of the time of the bucket filled with the right to enjoy the sauna is condemned (!).
2 months ago, the Metropolitan Mayor, "The tram will soon put on air conditioning," he slightly refreshed with the words of many other words such as many other words not keep the promise of the old and small children in the heat of this year on the need to spend badly if they are full of fire.
Sample municipal, model city and model city with the advantages of being on the street in the trams hot summer days even without sweating sweaty piddy to think that the journey will seem peculiar once again disappointed.
Not only with the citizen.
With the university teaching staff and students, the patients and their relatives, and above all the members of the press.
If the 8 year ago about 8 years ago, XNUMX still can't even install an air conditioner on the trams after the XNUMX year, is there any need to look for an excuse?
Mubarak months and days to mount the trams of the air conditioning money to work hundreds of times that work and the program called the concert-show the artist who is engaged in the name of a municipal administration should not call any excuse.
Mubarak Berat Night Mevlana Museum and Sultan Selim Mosque, which was turned into a garbage dump, as a new bidat not enough to invent a new bidat to celebrate the citizens of Konya Governors and the Mayor of the Mayor, the next celebration ceremonies under the heat of the summer trams are no different from the sauna, next to them The members and the Secretary General and the deputies, as well as the head of the apartments on the Alaaddin Campus route should do with tram passengers.
Of course, if there are any answers or tolerances to say words.

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