The Railway Works that Changed the Route Due to the Kaleköy Dam in Solhan started

The Cengiz - Özaltın - Samsung joint venture, which brought Oymapinar in the past few days, continues to work on building sites quickly. According to the information received from the officials of Cengiz - Özaltın - Samsung joint venture, the construction of the building will start in the last week of June 2012, when the infrastructure of the buildings to be built for workers and technical personnel is about to be completed.
Construction works will take about one month. The construction of the railway works to be done between Muş and Genç district of Bingöl is planned to be established at different points according to the work intensity area. Railway works will begin this week with the tunnel between Oymapinar Village and Hun hamlet. The length of the first tunnel is 190 meters. Then the tunnel between Hun hamlet and Bozkanat Village and under the Düzağaç village will be started and the length of this tunnel is 600 meters. 6 units viaducts, 20 pieces of bridges and 38 tunnels will be constructed within the scope of railway works between Genç and Muş.

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