Are TCDD personnel granted rights?

Transport Officer Sen President Can Cankesen, railroad personnel have many problems, he said. In a statement to, Cankesen added that railroad personnel are working under heavy conditions and that their employees are not given sufficient rights.
Cankesen said that the railways were in the heavy industry service arm and said, ın We can say that there are heavy industrial workers in this service branch. Railroad is a vicious profession. Night is a duty that employees work with devotion without the holiday break, holiday is certain, and they add their hearts to their work and their hearts due to their professions in many times. Gec
Cankesen said that railway is a difficult task and attracted attention to the accidents that occurred. Ve We say, Railway is a difficult task. If we give examples of this, recently, roads have become dangerous due to terrorism. Terrorist organizations set up explosives on the road and detonate them as they pass by the remote control. There may be damage to that train, the wagon, the machine, whatever the burden in it all has to be compensated, but there is no compensation for human life. New mechanics in the town of Gaziantep, Fevzipaşa town due to explosives set off by two mechanic friends were injured. It could have been worse. Thank goodness they survived, though. On the Elazığ side, there was no explosive charge. The target was again railway and railroads Hedef.
Cankesen found in the press in my site, “I would like to add the following issues to the railway accidents and incidents. The press will be constantly struck by a train that has killed so many people that he is injured! As soon as the incident happens, my brother, Ray, runs at the scene to help, the relatives of the trainee who have lost their lives or the wounded are attacked by the railroads of the train and even stabbed them like they do to a mechanic in Denizli between the days and they give war of death in a coma for days. If I need to clarify this issue, I would like to express and argue, especially in quotes. Acak The train has never hit vehicles or pedestrians. While the train is going on its way and its course, pedestrians or vehicles hit the train and there are fatal or injured accidents. Tren
Referring to the problems of the railroaders, Cankesen said, C The railwaymen have many problems. When compared to many institutions according to the degree of difficulty of the task we have done at the beginning of our fees are missing. After the 2011 YPK decisions, the 15 has not been able to raise the railway employees, especially the 2008. Since the XNUMX, many personnel such as the Officer of the Transportation Officer, Train Constructor, Assist. they didn't get a raise, they came to the same level as the assist group. rd
Cankesen said that as Transport Officer-Sen, they are working on such problems. M The work of our union on this subject is ongoing. An additional YPK decision has been issued to the employees and we are demanding that the basic fees of those who have been placed on the ceiling will be eliminated or the basic wage groups will be reduced from the 5 group to the 3 group. At present, the decision of additional YPK is in the Ministry of Development. Although the ministry of development says this issue needs to be solved at the collective bargaining table, we, as the previous practices, have once again announced an additional decision by the YPK, demanding the termination of this victimhood covering a large part of the railway workers. Ileri
Cankesen said that the wearer's compensation claims have been lifted and added, ın From the last 10 year on the railway, mechanics on the train were given compensation. He also got out of the savings measures. Especially those who work under these difficult conditions alandırıl Employees who work day and night should be benefited from the right to wear, Bu he said.
Cankesen pointed out that there is a shortage of personnel to work on the railways, en We have many staff, lack of staff to work. Recently, Railway management identified some titles with incomplete personnel and started to reinforce those tasks. This situation is also appreciated by our union. In our meetings with Management and Human Resources, we are informed that 1-2 will not work with missing personnel on duty basis during the year. The working conditions and durations of the active staff should be more regular. The group closest to the accident is this group. Irregular working hours and environment, may be an invitation to the accident, Düz he said.
Cankesen stated that many rights were not given to them and added, “We can make a few more additions to these examples in sequence. Night shift hike, weekend, feast work, etc. We do not. In many regions we are working under the 30.000 Volt electricity, ie under the kataner. We don't have any work compensation for Kataner in Europe an.
Cankesen said that the right to eat was given to the staff working with the new law. Diye We were given the right to eat by the staff working on the train with a law that was enacted. We can say this right and a revolution if it is mentioned. however, it is necessary to include active personnel working in the 7 / 24 in the first place and then ensure that all employees benefit from the right to eat as a counterpart to their labor. ancak
Cankesen said that the rights of railway employees are not sufficiently given, söyleyen As mentioned in your question, do TCDD employees get their rights enough? If you take part in class, we have shortcomings. But we protect our good intentions. Because we believe that the managers we are dealing with are well-intentioned and will support the work that can be done in favor of the staff. If the management and the employees maintain their good intentions in the development of the institution, both the institution and the employees come to a good place lar.
Cankesen completed his words as follows: 'Success is with unity, togetherness and team. If there is a success in the railways, the biggest of this success is the self-sacrificing work of the railroads. This must be accepted by everyone. Our struggle will continue until the railroads become more modern, more suitable for human working environments, conditions and wages. We will do our best in terms.

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    1. FAAL personnel working on the railways suffer a lot of troubles either standing, continuously traveling or working in shifts. However, their commitment to the institution and their habituation turn troubles into pleasure. Considering the reputation of the institution and the satisfaction of the customers, all difficulties are overcome, and they have a pleasant sleep with the peace of doing their job completely, beautifully and correctly Difficult conditions such as noise, coldness, constant attention and smell, etc. in the workplace or on the lobby, cannot keep the altruistic employee from his job, and he carries out his duty with a new enthusiasm every day. Employees have demands from the management, but the management dismisses them or pulls them to the sled.