TÜVASAŞ delivered 12 of its luxury passenger wagons to Bulgaria with a ceremony.

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ), Bulgaria Railways has received an order from the delivery of 30 of the 12 luxury coaches. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, made delivery of the wagons, Railways in Bulgaria will increase passenger comfort and travel through Turkey, Bulgaria said it will further strengthen the friendship.
Bulgaria's Transport, Information Technology and Communications Minister Ivaylo Moskovski said the new wagons would provide more customers in the crisis.
32 of TÜVASAŞ's luxury passenger wagons, which were signed 200 million 12 thousand euros two years ago, were completed and delivered to Bulgarian Railways. TÜVASAŞ Speaking at the ceremony held at the factory in Sakarya Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey's history and common cultural values ​​with Bulgaria and said that the two neighboring countries is very important.
Explaining that TÜVASAŞ has gone abroad to meet the needs of state railways and has been accelerating its export-oriented activities for a while, Yıldırım said, “This work, which previously started export to Iraqi Railways and some other countries, continues with a comprehensive sleeper wagon production for Bulgarian Railways. . The first batch of deliveries performed in Bulgaria will increase passenger travel comfort Railways Bulgaria and Turkey will further intensify the friendship, "he said.
Noting that Turkish and Bulgarian entrepreneurs know each other very well, Yıldırım stated that this is a great advantage for both countries. Explaining that Turkish investments in Bulgaria are increasing day by day, Yıldırım noted that Turkish entrepreneurs are doing business in many fields, from metro construction to manufacturing industry. Lightning, that there were 358 Bulgarian entrepreneurs to invest in Turkey, friendship and cooperation between the two countries, said he would further develop brotherhood.
Stating that they have been following the reforms that Bulgaria has been implementing on the railways in recent years, Yıldırım said: “There are two things Bulgaria does. One is to renew existing railroad lines. The railway line, especially from Plovdiv to Plovdiv to the Turkish border, is almost complete. This, when combined with the use of rail links between the two countries from Turkey Agility much more frequently done, the transport will become more and do more. "
Lightning reminiscent of the last 10 years in Turkey, especially on investments in railways have launched a comprehensive campaign, to lift up the railways, the railways again the burden of this nation, longing, said they decided to move the joy. High-speed trains that connect with major cities in Turkey for expressing Lightning, "Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya line went into service. More than 7 million citizens have enjoyed the pleasure, comfort and comfort of traveling by high-speed train since its opening. We are going to finish Ankara-Istanbul completely by the end of next year. We also put the continuation of Marmaray into service. Thus, uninterrupted rail transportation between Asia and Europe, from Beijing to London, is being revitalized and re-enlivened by modern silk routes. ” he spoke.
Turkey's efforts noted that the Lightning to become a member of the European Union, TÜVASAŞ a step further by throwing the EU members in the rail industry by making purchases with Bulgaria had already added the words that entered the case in the EU.
Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communication Ivaylo Moskovski started his speech by expressing his condolences to the families and relatives of the 8 soldiers martyred in Hakkari. Stating that the transportation of Bulgarian Railways has been in serious trouble in recent years, Moskovski said that they have started the renewal and modernization of transportation with 12 new wagons received.
Despite the severe economic crisis and saving measures, Moskovski said that they are happy to be able to make this strategic investment that has been delayed for a long time. We will put these wagons into the service of Bulgarian Railways customers as soon as possible. I believe that this pace of work continues, we will have 8 wagons next month. At the end of the year, we receive the 30-bed wagons. this is so important for us. Because this type of travel is preferred by the Bulgarian State Railways customers. It allows our institution to attract more customers. This is vital for us in this crisis environment. ” used the expression.
Moskovski, who noted that they will open the modernized railway between Plovoliv and Svilengrad next month, said: “This road allows speeding 160 kilometers, and is of great importance for commercial relations between the two countries. Final tests of wagons will also be carried out on this railway. We hope to be ready with the section from border to Svilengrad by the end of the year. I hope that such events and projects deepen our traditionally good business relations. ”
After the speeches, the ministers and railway officials of each country cut the ribbon of the 12 wagon delivered. Minister Yildirim, accompanied by Bulgarian counterparts wandered in the wagons.
Bulgaria will pay 17 million 2010 thousand euros for the 30 passenger wagons, which were started to be produced under the contract signed on 32 December 220 between the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communication and TÜVASAŞ. 12 passenger wagons will be delivered at the end of June, 8 next month and 10 at the end of the year. Information and Intercom System, fire alarm system, air conditioner and closed circuit camera system are included in luxury passenger wagons that can reach up to 160 kilometers.

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