Turkey should establish strong this network

The AKP government began in the road of transportation and started with double ways. Particularly in some high-traffic areas, double roads were needed to reach tourism centers. Thousands of kilometers were built.
Along with double roads, rail work was also started. These works stopped for a while due to an accident in Ankara. But they didn't. First, Eskişehir-Ankara followed by Ankara-Konya. High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights were launched.
AKP is very concerned about Atatürk, but after his death, he has been continuing his almost forgotten railway works since the 1940s. Of every region of Turkey High Speed ​​Train (YHT) are serious and hard work to be covered by.
Currently, there is a new road to YHT between Istanbul and Ankara. In the meantime, the Ministry of Transport, Ankara-Izmir between the 3.5 hours to download the protocol signed for YHT, has made the auctions.
High Speed ​​Rail subject is very important for Turkey. The future of Turkey. Its investment is a bit more expensive than the highway. But especially if coupled with all of Turkey's capital Ankara YHT, this would be a revolution.
Both passenger and freight are transported by YHT. Highways relax. Although the construction cost of the railway is high, the operating cost is very low compared to the airline or the highway. Turkey's geography is suitable for YHT. Especially in Central Anatolia, railway lines can be built on straight steppes.
I sincerely support the government's serious and courageous work on rail. If YHT widespread in Turkey, there is no need to use another way to reap about intercity transportation. People come and go by train in comfort and security, on business trips and on business trips. The loss of life on the highways is eliminated.

Source : http://www.ozgurkocaeli.com.tr




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