The Tram Is Not Suitable For The Structure Of Bursa

Necati Şahin, head of the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO), claimed that the tram was a wrong project and said, “The transportation planning made with external impositions is unfortunately not a plan. "We are not against the tram, but we have repeatedly stated that the tram is risky in slopes of more than 8 percent."
The meeting titled “Bursa Speaks” organized by Bursa City Council was held in Merinos Cultural Center Presidency Hall. Speaking at the conference, BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy pointed out that the tram is not a purpose but a vehicle and said, “We decided that the tram is suitable according to the passenger profile. 5 companies participated in the tram tender. A company that offered around 17 million TL was awarded the tender. We are also doing the bus tender, but it is surprising that the tram tender attracted so much attention ”.
Speaking afterwards, Necati Şahin, Head of Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, suggested that the T1 tram line, which is planned to be built between Altıparmak-Timurtaşpaşa-Heykel-İnönü Caddesi-Gazcılar Avenue-Kent Square, will cause serious problems in transportation and that it will be a bleeding wound in Bursa. . Stating that the projects made before the provincial landscaping plan and the transportation master plan are completed, will not be correct, Şahin said, “Unfortunately, transportation planning has been removed from being a plan by intervening with external impositions. "We are not against the tram, but we have repeatedly stated that the tram is risky in slopes of more than 8 percent."
İMO Bursa Branch President Necati Şahin stated that making hasty decisions about transportation will not produce healthy results without adequate feasibility studies and said, “Decisions lacking scientific and technical infrastructure cause undesirable situations for the future of the city. "Everything from the rail system to the sea transportation, from the ropeway system to the air transport should be considered in the finest detail in transportation planning in Bursa."
Saying that the Metropolitan Municipality Council decision was taken regarding the T1 line before the Bursa Transportation Master Plan was finished, Necati Şahin said, “The planning process for the T1 line, which has been released from the Metropolitan Municipality Council, is ongoing and the approval of the Council of Monuments is awaited. "T1 tram line will be tendered on June 25, 2012 before the zoning process is completed."
Stating that the capacity utilization rate of Bursaray fell from 2002 percent in 76 to 2010 percent in 35, Şahin argued that according to the transportation master plan data, Bursaray's share in transportation remained at 8 percent.
İMO President Necati Şahin stated that most of the operational difficulties in the Light Rail System, which should pass every 2,5 minutes but pass every 10 minutes, will also be experienced in the T1 Line, which will be built without a good plan.
Necati Şahin continued:
“The T1 tram line will not concern the crowd other than the passengers carried by taxi-minibuses, especially in a narrow area. T1 tram line covers a narrow area and the maximum number of passengers it will carry on this route is 34 thousand per day. The T1 tram line does not have any integration with BHRS and other types of public transport. It is unclear how much of the demands of the passengers coming from various parts of the city to the T1 line will displace this route.
Şahin stated that, with the current project of the T1 tramway, it will not have any positive effect on removing any type of transportation other than taxi-minibuses and pedestrianizing Atatürk Street, and stated that the private transportation vehicle traffic with bus lines will continue.

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