Traceca Delegation visited TCDD Izmir Port Authority.

TCDD İzmir Port Operation Directorate was visited by Traceca Delegation within the scope of ”Logistics Centers and Maritime Highways II“ project.
The delegation accompanied by Seçil Özyanık from the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Traceca National Secretariat visited TCDD Izmir Port Management Directorate at noon. The delegation was briefed about the Port.
The 24 port is equipped with a floating crane with 90 tonnes and 1 mooring boats. In addition, the container handling operations in the terminal are carried out by means of 40 ton gantry crane, 5 ton 40 pieces of rubber wheeled transtainer, 10-25 tons of 42 pieces and 19-8 tons of empty container trucks. In addition to this, 10-20 3 berth crane, 25-7 5 mobile crane, 25 short mast forklift. The port has two concrete silos belonging to TMO with a total capacity of 12 tons and there is also a conveyor system connected to the quay.
Following the briefing, Seçil Özyanık and Andras SCHOEN representing the delegation gave a plaque to the authorities. Then, the delegation had the opportunity to watch the port area from the terrace floor as a bird's-eye view and take photographs. Then they took a little tour in the harbor.

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