Toçoğlu spoke for metrobuses!

Metropolitan Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu Mediabar Editor, Journalist Author Necdet Başoğlu visited ..
During the visit, Medyabar 'Looking at the Week' Program Moderator Salih Yalçıntaş and Zaman Newspaper Sakarya Representative Duran Savaş were present.
President Toçoğlu; related to the metrobuses said
“One of the metrobuses costs 2.5-3 million Euros together with the light rail system under normal conditions. However, we will realize this project with the rental system. There is no rail vehicle to the university. However, we will overcome this with the system we will buy. We will buy a 170-person vehicle. Like the Metrobus. When we install electricity, the system we want to do as the Metropolitan Municipality is the traylebus system. In this system, it costs about 1 million dollars. We will have a total of 1.5 km of road routes. We will bring the train from Arifiye into the city. We want to take our Forward Rail system to Sapanca. Because in the future, due to the High Speed ​​Train, they can also lift the train between Sapanca Arifiye. Then HalkalıCitizen will come to Sapanca by high-speed train. It comes from Sapanca to Adapazarı with its light rail system. It doesn't matter. This system will be able to stop at the lights, overtake the vehicle .. It will be a remedy to a significant traffic problem. The annual cost of these vehicles is 800 thousand TL per year. In other words, his diary is reaching 1 million. A vehicle will reach 365 million a year. According to the purchase of three light rails .. 1. Billion budget emerges.

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