There are people trying to solve the transportation problem!

The problem of transportation: The biggest problem of Istanbul today is transportation. Istanbulites spend four hours a day getting stuck in traffic, wasting and getting tired. But some people and institutions are looking for a permanent solution to this problem.
Head of Istanbul BB Transportation Department, D Balcıoğlu, stated that the official figure of 13.1 million people reached 23 million daily passengers in Istanbul, emphasizing that 400 new vehicles enter traffic every day and that the traffic between Asia and Europe is 1,1 million vehicles. Before 2004, while there was a 45 km rail system and 72 km suburban line in Istanbul, after 2004 the 57,6 km rail system was put into service, today Istanbul owns 102,7 km of rail system in total and He states that the construction of the 52,5 km metro line continues.
The 42 km metrobus line has been established and operational and carries 610 thousand people a day. Thanks to the Metrobus, 100 out of every 21 people parked their cars. The fleet is also being strengthened with 1.500 new buses without using public funds. A total of 641 parking lots with a capacity of 316 thousand 3.097 vehicles were built. With 12 'Park and Continue' points, 1.800 vehicles per day were withdrawn from traffic.
Ömer Yıldız, General Manager of Istanbul Transportation Inc., mentions the importance of the progress in rail systems and states that there is 153 km of existing network and a network of 641 km is targeted. He says that while the share of rail systems in public transportation will increase to 2023% in 72, the share of rubber-wheeled systems will be reduced to 28%.
TCDD 1st Regional Manager Hasan Gedik, while talking about TCDD's 2023 targets, also gives information about the Marmaray Project. Underlining that the allocated allowance, which was $ 2002 million in 460, was about $ 2012 billion in 4,1, Gedik states that the annual allowance allocated to railways has increased 10 times in 10 years.
Hasan Gedik said that a dream of 151 years will come true, that the transportation between Marmaray and the two sides of the Bosphorus will be 4 minutes and a total of 105 minutes from Gebze. HalkalıWhile emphasizing that transportation will be provided to Istanbul, he describes Marmaray as the main long-term solution to the transportation problems of Istanbul and Gebze - Halkalı He says there will be a time between 2-10 minutes. Marmaray is a project that will have a capacity of 75.000 passengers per hour in each direction and will reduce the effects of vehicle traffic in the old city center. In addition to reducing the density on existing bridges, it will also connect railways from Europe to Asia and in other directions to other transport. It will also reduce noise and air pollution in Istanbul (caused by land vehicles) and the travel time of more than 1 million people every day will be shortened.
On the other hand, IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlıoğlu gave information about İETT 2471 Otobüs A.Ş. and that they carry out the management and control of the additional private public bus, and that they carry 5,080 buses and 585 even 963 million passengers. IETT serves Istanbul and Istanbulites with 9 maintenance and repair garages, 5 parking garages and 1 engine renewal unit, and has a total of 6,249 stops, 4,555 of which are open and 10,804 are closed. On the Avcılar - Söğütlüçeşme route, there is a 315-hour transportation service with 4 vehicles on 24 lines.

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