Bomb Panic Causes Cancellation of İZBAN Expeditions

In Izmir's Alsancak district, the backpack of the train which was on the İZBAN expedition caused a bomb panic.
Izban flights were canceled, passengers were not taken into the gas for security reasons. Special clothes, bomb disposal experts, detonated with the detonator bag, clothes came out.
It was discovered that one of the wagons of the train, which made the Aliağa - Cumaovası İzmir Suburban (İZBAN) expedition, at 13.30 hours today (Thursday). The passengers in the train arriving at the Alsancak station were put on other trains, the flights were canceled, and there were no passengers in the garage.
The police detained in the ward of the police wardrobe special clothes, the explosion experts, detonated the bag. Clothing was identified from the backpack that was forgotten. Meanwhile, citizens who waited for the start of flights outside the garage suffered a brief panic. After the bag was delivered to the police, the train service started as normal.

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