Yenişehir Osmaneli High Speed ​​Line Project Services Technical Details

High Speed ​​Rail Lines Turkey
High Speed ​​Rail Lines Turkey

4-stage work program for Yenişehir Osmaneli High Speed ​​Line:
1 stage: Data collection, evaluation and determination of the corridor (preparation of the evaluation report of existing projects, preparation of the preliminary report for the corridor research, evaluation of the existing maps)

Stage 2: Route research (preparation of the EIA application file, preparation of a preliminary report containing the results of route research and information on the selected route)

3. stage: Preliminary and application projects (preparation of field studies within the scope of preliminary project, preparation of preliminary projects and related calculations, preparation of EIA report, field studies within the scope of implementation project, preparation of implementation projects and related calculations, preparation of construction tender document)

4. stage: Preparation of technical specifications for construction works
Project; The "Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma-Osmaneli Double-Line High Speed ​​Railway Project" covers the field study and design services of the 50 km section between Yenişehir and Osmaneli settlements. The design speed for the project was accepted as 250 km / h, axle pressure 22,5t (25t for art structures), maximum longitudinal slope 0,16%, maximum curb radius 3500 m. Due to the geodetic conditions of the project area, there are many art structures such as tunnels, viaducts and bridges on the route.

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