Süleyman Yıldız: The Change Process in TCDD


Kainatta live, inanimate, everything is created, created and used for human use. The important thing is to learn to take lessons from these objects. In order to know this, it is necessary to have an intellectual structure. If man doesn't know himself, he knows nothing, he doesn't know.

The change in the individual begins with the training of the geliştiril BEN takım ego and the development of the team spirit. It is an ani I ani feeling. In order not to fulfill the wishes of breath; you will not much drink, drink, sleep and talk too much. The skills cited should develop with the new ideas gained and reach the virtue of rearranging to find the best.

Energy should be used to analyze problems, or the path that reaches the target, on the lateral solutions that will be stuck on the side of the problem, such as the dagger, rather than the known logical thoughts.

Indeed, XXI. 150 annual railroads were in every aspect (development, business and future development). For years, he could not solve with a vertical reasoning logic and was unable to produce a solution. A problem ball that could not be solved somehow made the perseverance to reach the future

As mentioned in the article entitled N Turkish Language Train from Karaman to Karaman ısında published in aman Kardelen ti magazine's 2011-73 issue of January-June / 74; TCDD was no hope for its employees, not even in the hearts of hope. The only reason for this was that the Authority (TCDD) could not change as the governed and the governors could not keep up with the change.

However, the only thing that can never be changed in the universe is the only object; The rules of the universe, pre-established and predicted by the creator of the universe, order and order and kalam. Change is a case in which mankind realizes its own products and skills as a team to make it more economical, better quality and more useful.
In this context, when the understanding of "Lateral Thinking" started to prevail in TCDD since 2004, instead of dealing with the details, the swamp was drained and the idea and shape of the "High Speed ​​Train" blossomed in hearts and started to become a Golden Necklace among the provinces, and TCDD became hope again. Even our fellow townsmen in Taşeli sohbetHe wanted a high-speed train that passed in front of his obas on the slopes of Yunt Mountain.

Preconceptions are pre-loaded into the human brain. The images of the thoughts that our brain can think of are created and interspersed in the universe. The task of working to find these beauties was also given to people. The ideas that are developed when they are concealed in the dried seed, develop as they find the appropriate medium, and change with a non-status quoist like nebatlar similar to the ones that develop a different object from the seed without losing their essence, come to life as they should. The main thing to know is to see and find the main stones of change.

In life, nothing is the work of coincidence. Even when the allegations are examined, the existence of a new lesson, the inspiration, arises, that the change begins with putting it into practice. However, the person who cannot nurture his soul is a prisoner of the devil who walks in and cannot take big steps on change. Those who know the patience of the Moon to reach the sun are those who have the necessary productivity for change.

The person who travels by train and performs an objective observation as he / she doesn't blind, will be able to see the improvements made in recent years in the training and working environments of TCDD's stations and stations, with the conventional lines and trains, apart from the High Speed ​​Trains. In fact, trains provide the means of economic development, but also make the train passengers a cultural ambassador. The period of the trains, which were heated in the wagon or left at the end of the journey, such as the steam locomotive fighter, and left to clean with water, remained much behind. TCDD showed a great change in a short time.

Change; team leader and individuals together to see the full and empty part of the water glass, the empty part to fill the hands and shoulder shoulder in the same trench is a phenomenon that occurs as a result. This phenomenon is successful if persisted

I am of the opinion that the study of brainstorming in 2004 in TCDD has made it possible to produce guiding ideas. In this context, it will be useful for the future to carry on similar studies in the training seminars held in Antalya in order to keep the database ready and alive.

In addition, as a result of the personnel policy carried out by the Human Resources Department within the organizational structure of the Agency, it is now easier to access the TCDD's vision and mission since qualified personnel are employed in all units. The motivation of the educated people to the goal is like dervishes going into the ordeal for the love. It is love that motivates and motivates. With their Sacred Values, their job and people who love vaccination are more easily motivated. The enemy of love and love is exquisite and selfishness is selfish. People who do not know thanks are selfish, so it is impossible to meet their physiological needs. The expression is so up belly is satiated, eye unsatisfied. “It is without nature.

From yesterday to today, the railroad is the self-sacrificing person who ignores his family and social life for his institution. Their life is limited to two rails. The organization's successes to lead to success, even if they retire in their hearts is not a corpse. When he dies, he recognizes that he is an examiner of his work, his inoculation and his spirituality, thus making his life more effective. The railwaymen are people who claim that the love of the family mission is sacred. After a few minutes of life given by Allah (cc) for the love of the people of the army who know that he will be martyred, the conquerer and Kocatepede has reached victory. It should be the greatest motivation of the Dedicated Leader to be shoulder to shoulder with individuals who are in spirituality. Today, in the XX century, the dream of becoming a short time to realize what they dreamed of the complete team of the military and the spirit of such an army that has the qualities, virtue.

In Tülomsaş, the breakdown of the engine block of the revolution car has been achieved thanks to the work experience and experience of the foreman. The work experience gained in order to reach the high speed train 250Km / hour in Ankara-Eskişehir line and 300 Km / hour in Ankara-Konya line has enabled TCDD to produce roads that reach to 350 Km / hour between Ankara and Afyon. has given the good news of the production of roads to reach speed.

The main source of income of TCDD is provided by the management activities of Passenger and Freight. The fees of these services are balanced by taking into account the competition conditions with other modes of transport in the sector. In spite of this situation, the production of passenger trains (passenger number and income) values ​​of the organization although 10-2002 (2012-19) has operated less passenger train; Passenger Train 207 and Passenger Income increased by% 144 and Passenger Train Operating Cost increased by% XNUMX. The positive indicators for decreasing the revenue and expense are the products of the decisions made in a timely and realistic manner.

Change; only to the extent allowed by the individual and intellectual products produced by an event that occurs.

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