TCDD Tekirdağ - Muratlı Line with Signaling and Telecommunication Systems Çerkezköy Command Center Project signed a contract with Ultra Teknoloji

Establishment of the Signalization and Telecommunication Systems of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of “Tekirdağ - Muratlı Line Section and Çerkezköy New developments related to the tender of the. Construction of Control Center al tender were recorded.
The Ultra Teknoloji firm that won the tender was invited to sign a contract. A contract was signed with the company on 05.06.2012, that is, today, EUR 8.829.000. As it is known, Thales Espana - Emre Ray, AZD Praha companies appealed to TCDD about the result of the tender, and TCDD also responded to their objection. Other companies participating in the tender were as follows:
1. AZD Praha
2. Alstom
3. Dimetronic SA
4. Eliop Seinalia SL
5. Özkır Elektrik - Enez
6. Savronik System
7. Sociedad Iberica De
8. Thales Espana - Emre Ray
9. Building Center




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