TCDD Becomes Middle East's Education Center

TCDD's outward activities in the field of railway trainings and the performance of the projects it participated in internationally. The International Railways Association (UIC) has chosen TCDD as the leading partner for international training. UIC, 4 of Middle East Regional Council (RAME) 2012 10 on Doha in Qatar on June XNUMX. meeting, Middle East Railway Education Center (MERTCe) decided to be established in our country.
MERTCe, which will be hosted by Eskişehir Training Center, is aiming to implement training programs for regional needs starting from the second half of this year.
In his speech to RAME members, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stressed that the MERTCe project is intended to provide a solution to the need for railway training in the rapid development of our region. . MERTCe is expected to contribute to the realization of interoperability through education and training by establishing a common Middle East railway area in the medium and long term. First, we will survey among the countries of the Middle East and we will determine which areas the countries need for education. We will develop training programs in the light of detection. Our goal is to create and coordinate the network of the Middle East region railway training center. Hedef
TCDD has been a member since 200 to UIC, which has nearly 1928 members from five continents. Since 2007, Süleyman Karaman, General Director of TCDD, has been the President of the UIC Middle East Regional Board (RAME) and the UIC Executive Committee.
The Middle East Education Center will focus on:
- To contribute to the development of qualified workforce by developing and implementing training programs suitable for regional railway training needs,
- Providing research projects for the development of best practices by comparing railway trainings.
- To serve mutual interoperability by leading the development of standards and competencies of railway professions,
- Creating an expert pool,
- To establish the UIC Middle East region railway training centers network and to coordinate the work of this network,
- To share the training approaches and experiences offered by UIC, ERA and other railway competent authorities with network members,
- To create a database where information and experiences can be shared among members of the network,
- To facilitate the members' access and exchange of technical information over the network.

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