TCDD 2. Plenty. Dir. Disability Rail Line Maintenance Repairer Procurement Notice

1-Road Maintenance and Repair Work in the art of handicaps to be recruited to be employed in the workforce, freight and passenger transportation in the rail system where the road maintenance and repair work at least 6 months are required to be experienced. Candidates will document their work in the SSK registration number and SSK service breakdown in which they are registered. Experience essential that our application demands placed candidates, it will be held if they belgelemeye receipt of the report by the rights and evrakalr reported that Turkey will apply for the adoption of the Employment Agency to fulfill the required conditions. The duration of 2-Internship is not evaluated in the experience condition. 3-Candidates who will take part in the final list to participate in the oral exam, will be published on the TCDD web site with the documents requested above; A sample of the population registration. Military service (discharge or deferment or exemption) certificate, 1 picture, Residence certificate, Disability report, (Disability report will be taken from hospitals to be given.) Business Demand Information Form (vep site will be published) by filling in the General Directorate of TCDD Human Resources Department The Presidency will arrive at Gar / ANKARA. Candidates who do not submit their documents will not take the oral exam. The drawing and oral exam before 4-Notary will be made at 30.07.2012 at 10.30 at the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways in Gar / ANKARA and the addresses of the candidates who will be listed in the final list will be sent via registered mail. 5-Disability workers who will be employed in our organization will make a display according to the Labor Law No. 4857 and the trial period is 4.CLICK FOR DETAILS


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