One by one with Taha Aydın

Behold on the night shot of the nightingale of the nightingale, they say that Necati Sahin, the President of IMO, will announce his views on Bursa's transportation master plan at a press conference. After the first sentence and the first short film, I realized that this would not be an academic posture meeting about Bursa.
I have paid special attention to the meetings of academic chambers and conveyed their thoughts. I know that I take a side view of Bursa and mostly academic rooms. I know that I want the managers and the elected ones to take into account the room views.
I had learned from Uzundere Usta that it was not moral work to interpret press conferences from press releases, and that corner writing meant labor. While writing the details of the recording for the audio record by taking the habit. This method of writing my comment while thinking about the repetition of each saying as you do not accept the right to accept. In other words, who does not break his folk with whom you have car.
Necati Şahin, the President of IMO, made a short film. The main boy in this movie was Tüvasaş. We saw everything from the production line of Tüvasaş, a public institution, to its manufactured products.
We even watched the secret photo shoots of Marmaray wagons, which were produced for Marmararay and kept as a state secret (!) For the excitement of the film.
At that moment I felt that this meeting had no content of the 'Bursa Transportation Master Plan', which was a political signaling for local elections in the near future.
I didn't have 657, but I know from my brother who was a senior manager in SOEs. In the past, in order to find a job for the political pressures and man to find all the brilliance of the SEEs, how to run three cups of tea to carry one of the four people, including how to work and would be saddened on behalf of my country.
That's why I entered the site to study Tüvasaş. There was a wagon factory employing over a thousand people. Production, non-standing, wooden chair with the public class, spring chair with a luxury seat, and luxury with beds and showers can be ultra-luxurious, long way to the frigates of the compartment, what is said to be a short box box.
By putting them in my pocket, he continued to be in trouble as he called the Silkworm case and heard what was said about the local tram.
About three months ago, I listened to Taha Aydın, said about the stage of pride, and proudly mentioned.
Now, the production of a company undertook the production of a firm in Bursa, perhaps in the near future, claimed to be a world brand, underestimated, with a blatant style and the most bitter 'Revolutionary Car' was identified with the fate.
I'm not an ordinary person to tell them this, but the urbanism, mechanics, rail systems as a person without the expertise to be created on the suspicion of the Murat had made the ceiling.
I was suddenly raped. In my corner where my place is narrow, I asked my troubles and my sorrows and who tried to throw drugs into my soda.
I called Taha Aydın to get the answer to my question. Since I know I can't find them in their office, I have left a note with a request. Just returned to me after 15 minutes. He asked me if I was in a meeting with a foreign delegation and what my knowledge was.
Bursa Chamber of Civil Engineers President Necati Sahin said that I wanted to get his opinion about the press conference, he would not review the news and will come back again, he said.
The next day he called me and told me that he had read all the writings in the press, and that he did not throw the medicine into my soda in response to the same word I used in my corner.
We met in his room at the Metropolitan Municipality.
She was upset, sad as an engineer. He was upset about the criticism of each project, the criticism made by the engineer, and the criticism of the chairman of an engineering room with the political jargon.
He questioned the criteria by which a builder, urbanist, mechanic, and software developer put the project in the toy class according to the criteria.
”I'm going to give my answers to the engineers in spite of this much assault, they will give the respondents the answers they need to give politically,“ he said.
He stated that the realization of this project was a political decision, and that President Recep Altepe had started this project knowing that he would lead him politically in the face of his failure, and emphasized how the cost of the failure was paid in the latest local elections in Antalya.
Begin with the chairman, Dr. Brenner and his team by the city's geographical X-rays of the slope, ground and settlement is prepared as a report is known to the public in Bursa.
There is no objection to what is written in this report. There is an objection to the criticism of quotations from this report.
He says they criticize us. But they should give as much effort and criticize the matter as they can and put forward their own arguments. He wants them to say that this is not the case, and so on. In doing so, it emphasizes the need to make budgetary resource and social cost calculations.
You'll know the difference between the wagon and the tram!
I'm telling you about my research with Tüvasaş. Expressing his participation, he stated that Tüvasaş is a wagon manufacturer. Inside it is a mechanical or electronic system that tells you that there is a sense trailer, taken by a tow truck. However, each of the units of the tram, independently or connected to each other, emphasizes the ability to move.
I understand that what he is really worried about is the fact that a man with a technical career does not know the difference between the trolley and the tram, but the fact that the trolley enters the duck with a duck dive.
While İpek Böceği will be showcasing this end of the world podium this summer, it is not possible to make such speculation and to give a stamp to the museum inhabitants of the museum, despite the respectable support provided by the mechanics, urbanists and other cities.
In his engineering career, he said that he had accomplished successful works from a young age, without fear of taking responsibility, and that he acted with this sense of responsibility when entering the Ipek Beetle project and that he was able to give his account to everyone.
He also stated that he was the elected president of RAYDER and he was excited to leave a service to the future of Bursa by taking on a mission he believed in a project he believed in.
In the end, he pointed out that Bursa, Bursa companies and Bursa employees will create and will transfer this brand to Bursa to the people of Bursa.
”I can't make sense of their impatience when the project is going to be realized for months, I can see the results with a little patience,“ he said.
The added value created by the silkworm and its contribution to the economy of Bursa and the creation of a world brand in Bursa is not a fairy tale.
He said that the study trips abroad are very important and that those who perceive it as traveling cannot have a vision as a result of choosing places to be visited instead of places to be visited, and that they produce meanings that contain political messages from their reports.
Taha Aydın said that the inclination of the 8.2 slope would not be problematic in the three cities in Europe. 8.6 said that the year was new, and the question should be asked how the descent of this mass could be handled in order to make the problem meaningful. He said they could always answer a mind that might ask.
Taha Aydin was very full. I did not listen to criticism of politics, not have an addressee in the field did not respond to this field, but the technical president of an academic room terminating the politics of the cocaine still trying to answer the engineer said.
The fact that there is an office in the project site to be significant, the construction of large construction sites in the control office offices are not known to be due to inexperience may be caused by the construction site, he said the answer is not found.
Dr. Branner's report stated that his underground work for the T1 line was not wrong, but could be enforced as far as investment cost and duration were concerned, and given the sensitivity of the situation of environmental tradesmen.
Calculating the coordination between the T1 line and the rail system, the calculations are done, the line of feeding, the people of Bursa to be encouraged to public transportation Taha Aydin, this line will be blushed people will be completed when the line, he said.
For cities, cars? For people? He also stated that he had to give a definite and clear answer to his question, and that people who gave willpower on Bursa gave the answer to this fact as People.

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