Turkish Language Festival, 1960 since 70. Our province is celebrated with an official ceremony in Karaman. The celebrations of TÜRK TURKISH LANGUAGE TURKISH HOLIDAY X which was held at 11-13 May 2011 in Karaman, were more enthusiastic, attended and magnificent.
This year's (2011) is one of the biggest and important factors that make the celebrations a privilege; TCDD GENERAL MANAGER Süleyman KARAMAN is the lar TURKISH LANGUAGE BAYRAMI PRIVATE TRAIN AR sent by HAYDARPAŞA to KARAMAN with the support of BEY.
Because of this Train:
• In Haydarpaşa - Karaman Güzerğahında Izmit, Bilecik, Eskişehir, Afyon and Konya Afyon important places such as the attention of our people in the important areas of the
• Reinforcing the B NATIONAL “identity of the ceremonies by contributing to the katkı TURKISH LANGUAGE OF THE LANGUAGE“, which was celebrated in the past, and by reaching the participants of Karaman.
• 1228 1256 Personality Army formed by Turkomans under the command of Karamanoglu Mehmet Bey in 1277 following the foundation of müt KARAMANĞULLARI BEYLIĞİ AM of the müt KARAMAN AŞİRETİ X, a member of AM Oğuz esinde, who was appointed by the Sultan of the Anatolian Seljuk State Alaaddin Keykubat in the Taşalı Region in 20. After the defeat of the Anatolian Seljuk State and the Ilhanlılar State in the Göksu Derbendi, MEHMET BEY took the Anatolian Seljuk State under the influence of the Seljuk State. the excitement, enthusiasm, dignity and spirit of the publication carried the spirit to the present day,
because it is important.
KARAMANOĞULLARI BEYLIĞİ Bey and the Turkish Seljuk State Chief Ottoman Grand Vizier in the Turkish History in the Turkish States and empires of the Khan and the Sultans of the Turkish language V STATE LANGUAGE V to declare Turkish, the first time the function of giving 1277 It has occurred in. This type of FIRST is a very important phenomenon and is suitable for change as it evolves and evolves.
Essentially, there are important milestones in the development process of States, Organizations and Persons and the changes in their social and political history.
It is never possible to ignore the cases in question that affect the change positively. Even if we like it, criticize it or dislike it, the historical facts of the main theme will continue to be written and expressed for generations after a hundred years. There is no escape and salvation from this situation.
When people and organizations are mentioned; these touch points are remembered with respect, when the change and development are realized, and the esteemed managers who initiate this change. Unfortunately, the long and thin paths of the organization remain as details, and almost nobody remembers it and becomes a minor information note.
As a matter of fact, when we look at the History of Turkish Railways, it is a REVOLUTION that falls on the calendar leaves, the first railway line was built between İZMİR and AYDIN ​​in 1856 and was put into service in 130. The steel rails laid between İzmir and Aydın have been the key to the road that leads the country to change, development and industrialization in every field. Although marches are not said in the name, this is so. It is the most important factor in increasing the welfare of the people and getting rid of poverty.
We do not remember the name of Sultan ABDÜLMECİT HAN who ruled the Ottoman Empire between 1839 and 1861 and authorized the British company to promote the construction of the railway. Because the pioneer of development and change, the most important function in the spread of our culture, such as bees who carry flowers from the city to the city, the city 10 the distance traveled to the day to one day, and the economic development of the locomotive of the locomotive of the construction of the sultan has ruled the personality of the sultan. In this period, the Railways are remembered before the Sultan.
However, in a short time in the country in a short period of time completed with the railway and artistic and architectural features of high-quality Gar-Station buildings to be offered to the public service of the Ottoman Empire 34. SULTAN ABDÜLHAMİD HAN The name and the sanı are more important and recognized among the people.
Because X1X. third quarter of the year with XX. At the beginning of the century (31-08-1876 / 27 - 04 1909) Sultan Abdülhamid Khan who ruled the empire, the Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa Gar buildings during the annual sultanate of 33 01-09-1900, in order to realize the Hejaz Railway project starting from Haydarpaşa with the aim of guiding its policies freely, stated that aş it has accelerated the construction of the Anatolian Railways with all its strength politik.
1856-1922 years held between the 8619's lKm railway 4139 lKm line segment remains within REPUBLIC OF TURKEY borders and our people who believe this way the majority of Sultan Abdulhamid Han's instructions occurs, Abdul Hamid Khan was identified with the Railways. The beginning of the railroads in our Anatolia is remembered with Sultan Abdülhamid Han.
This situation is a MEFK birRE REVOLUTION in terms of railways.
The founder of our Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, "Railways would importance, prosperity and ümran saying" Republic of Turkey within the boundaries of the mold foreign companies operated by (4139 Km) to nationalize the railways and railways our first General Manager of the deceased Behiç ERGÜN 'Gentlemen of patronage by His diligent and long suffering ATATURK and their colleagues are working as a result of the fact that our national railway network reaches over the largest number of four digits (10 000 Km) by creating new opportunities and directing our country through new iron nets.
It is always said that the railways lived during the golden years of ATATURK.
This period for railways is also a touchstone, a DEVELOPMENT AND TRANSPORTATION REVOLUTION. .
However, after the death of ATATÜRK'ın villages, towns, towns and towns, towns, towns and citizens, as well as our citizens living in Karaman districts and the wheel does not touch the center of Tasma'nın Ermenek, Sarıveliler and Başyayla'da living and the railroad just going to the quarry - while coming to Karaman because they know of the railway or other wagons in the compartment they have no other knowledge about the railway and non-culture
Public officials;
Tır Sir, when will the train come to these regions, “he did not ask. He did not need to ask questions.
Because the railways, 1940-2004 in this process, did not change, and hope to be forgotten because it has not been missed. He could not even decorate the dreams of the Turkmen children in Taşeli.
In the 1968, only in the XNUMX, when it was going to the army and coming from the train in Karaman, Silifke (Mersin) would be able to establish a railway between Silifke-Ermenek-Sarıveliler-Alanya by following the valley of the Göksu River reaching the Mediterranean Sea. In the rooms of the village Ballandıra, Ballandira, describing the aspirations of the Uncle Little Mehmet, memory never remain in the spring as the moment remains. In this period, the railroads have become naşar and have turned into hopelessness.
Indeed, until the 2004'li years working on the railroad, many of the staff working in the railway, since the great-grandfather of an occupational disease and the railway is a product of unrequited love to the railways, even after the 1940 's 2004' s years of retreat into the shell will not be able to protect even their existing As a result, the new generation of grandchildren has ceased to be a door of work and love and can not serve the public.
Because throughout our life both in our inner community and among the people olduğ Usually internal and external outbreaks and forces, governments, especially the railways do not invest in in they have been voiced and the source of this lie also believes in the lies we have been believing in maaleasef.
As of 2004, our Government has made the railways in our country to re-become the State policy, and with the destruction of the internal and external micas, TCDD CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD AND OUR GENERAL MANAGER; Süleyman KARAMAN, 7 70 annually by launching a large and important project in XNUMX annually and by planning the management policy of our country in addition to enabling us to find the self as a result of the administration and management of TCDD in accordance with the management approach with customer oriented targets and projects. As a result of being put into service at the time, the railways were the business and the gate of our nation, and the locomotive and development of development became closer to the people.
One of the three ministries that allocated the most investment allowance from the State Budget of 1940 as well as the story of the BAK foreign powers I which has been continuing 64 years since 2011, has been one of the three ministries in the Ministry of Transport and in the priority organization DEMİRYOLLARI.
These HIGH-SPEED TRAIN projects have created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the public in our 1856 year and intensively using it in daily life during the period of the late Atatürk. High Speed ​​Train lines have begun to decorate the country surface (threepiece) like GOLD NECKLESS.
In this way, the people living in the settlements on the national railway network, as well as those living in the land of other homeland, they see the railroads, "BEYIM, WE WILL LATE TIME FROM OUR VILLAGE AND BELDEN", ​​and began to ask the Supervisors to ask for high-speed train. This situation is a way out of hope from the ashes of all hope is to grow and grow. The admiration for the railways is that the dream of the peasants and the citymen and seventy-five million citizens has been the HIGH SPEED TRAIN ornaments on the 13 March 2009 at 245 km between Ankara and Eskişehir. 2011 Year 212 Km.lik ANKARA - KONYA HIGH SPEED TRAIN will be crowned to the dream of our people.
In this context, HIGH SPEED TRAIN is the revival of the TCDD.
Our country is the 8.nci in the World with High Speed ​​Train Technology and 6 in Europe. XX1. In the 81 province, Ankara, Eskişehir and Konya were the luckiest cities that benefited from this technology for the first time. However, the connection of DMU (Multi Diesel Unit) Train Sets to Kütahya and Karaman provinces to the High Speed ​​Train is now an obvious fact that has added Karaman and Kütahya to the privileged provinces that serve the High Speed ​​Train.
KARAMANOĞLU MEHMET BEY 's fellow and descendants Karaman'lılar, High Speed ​​Train waiting to meet with the Governor of KARAMAN. Under the auspices of Süleyman KAHRAMAN Bey, götür TURKISH LANGUAGE TRAIN N takes the university students and other artists, writers and guests to Karaman from Istanbul, Bilecik, Eskişehir, Afyonkarahisar and Konya for the katıl TURKISH LANGUAGE BAYRAMI Afyon activities that are celebrated in Karaman; 13 2011 10 2011 10.00 11 2011 10.35 734 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX . TURKISH LANGUAGE TRAIN H, which was established for the first time by TCDD General Manager Süleyman KARAMAN Bey, carried the spirit and enthusiasm of KARAMANOĞLU MEHMET BEY who announced the world İ THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LANGUAGE OF THE NATIONS WHICH MAKE THE NATIONS LET which was published by XNUMX years ago. Our General Manager Süleyman KARAMAN's train to KARAMAN has been glorious and enthusiastic in the name of meeting in front of the station building.
Thus, the idea of ​​building a railway between Mersin and Ermenek - Alanya by following the Göksu valley of Küçük Mehmet Uncle of TAŞELİ, is not yet realized, even from the High Speed ​​Train;
* Both he and his grandchildren and those of Karaman who were primarily beneficiaries,
* The chance to connect Antalya and Alanya to the national railway network as soon as possible,
For the reasons, as we feel that the High Speed ​​Train in Taşeli, the pearl of the Mediterranean from Yunt Mountain, the summit of TAŞELİ, sailed and enthusiastic from the coast to Antalya and also embraced seventy-two nations in Mevlana city KONYA.
the spirit of thinking and laboring will always be shad and blessed.
In this context, “TURKISH LANGUAGE TRAIN” from KARAMAN to KARAMAN of KAHRAMAN and our nation, and “HIGH SPEED TRAIN” to start its flights between Konya and Ankara, are endless with our citizens from Taşeli, who are described as the region where the wheel is not touched. I sincerely wish our nationals, Karaman and Konya Plain to be good for our nation. I present my heartfelt gratitude and respect to those who think of such a service and who strive to achieve what is being considered.

19- MAY 2011

Author: Süleyman YILDIZ - TCDD 7th Region Passenger Manager



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