Minister Yıldırım: 7 has invested a billion pounds in 55 project

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that they consider service to Istanbul important and that they will implement 7 more projects in this manner. Yıldırım also stated that they invested 3 billion liras as the ministry in these projects, including the 3rd bridge, 55rd airport and Marmaray.
Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, met with a group of students of Balkan origin who came from the USA at Fatih University. Yıldırım addressed the students at the University's Büyükçekmece Campus and expressed that both the world and the intercultural dialogue has advanced in the current stage.
Stating that borders have lost meaning with the contributions of information and internet, Yıldırım said, “Although some countries focus on arbitration, the internet eliminates this. Because 2,5 billion individuals meet each other at any moment, shop, exchange information. ” said.
Stating that the importance and value of communication in every part of the world increased, Yıldırım continued:
“Communication has reached a position that can even overthrow dictatorships and organize masses that do not come together. Young people, who do not know Africa, are organized online and started a new wave. Finally, regime changes were seen there.
Our Turkey from around the world who are relatives of individuals and communities are the foundation of integration, not assimilation in the context of our understanding. The world has suffered a lot from assimilation. Look, the Ottoman Empire has nearly 500 years of existence in the Balkans. Races, societies are together in this slice but there is no confusion. However, after the Second World War, they were isolated from the world with communist and socialist regimes. Turkey stopped the dialogue with the region. When the Soviet Union broke up in 2, societies became one another. The brutality was applied.
Currently, a Bosnian or Albanian origin in Turkey and the proportion of the population than in the US. The Ottoman Empire has kept people together for five centuries and has not imposed any imposition. It did not impose language, religion and race. He took them under the wing and allowed them to exist in peace and tranquility.
Understanding of the Ottoman and other countries are different. In our culture, individuals do not have domination or brutality to each other. Yes, people's skin color and eye color can be separate, but let's not forget that the color of tears flowing through our eyes is the same. Wherever we are in the world, we will see this and spread the peace. ”
200-300 students in various parts of the United States arrived in Turkey, pointing Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister, "We are meeting with colleagues, strengthening cultural ties. The individual is the enemy he does not know. I hope we will understand each other better and become friends. ” used expressions.
As a power, Xinum Yildirim said that 9 had realized important projects in the year and said:
“Behind this, the confidence and continuity created in the country, strong political will play an important role. Thus, 50 years of problems were overcome one by one.
We repaired Mostar, which was destroyed due to the hatred of Osmanli. It was not enough, we overhauled Kanije. Again Pristina airport was built by us. Air bridges are created and flights are made there. Earlier, Turkey's flight number was 60, 184 at the moment. Turkish Airlines' legacy was unreadable, now it is an international player. It became the third airline in Europe and the 3th in the world. Increased the number of aircraft from 9 to 59.
On the other hand, Istanbul is an important city for the world. We have hosted many civilizations and we serve this city. As only a ministry, we invest 7 billion lira for 55 projects to be implemented in the city. We spend 3 billion liras for 3 projects, including the 7rd airport, 55rd bridge, Marmaray and Kanal Istanbul. "
Yildirim, who also touched on the economy, emphasized that the 208 crisis has brought an understanding that ignores people. Yıldırım said, “If we read the crisis correctly, the world peace will become more permanent from now on. Undoubtedly, the dark clouds appearing in the USA and Europe have nurtured many of them and increased the hopes of many countries for the future. I hope from now on it will eliminate world peace and interregional scissors. ”Made predictions.

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