Sakarya, the City Rail System project was signed with TCDD.

Gar from Arifiye
The contract for the triple train set, which will operate between Adapazari Railway Station and Arifiye Railway Station as the 'City Rail System' in the first place, will be signed by President Toçoglu and TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman next week. One of the 3 sets will be in tow, while the other two will be on a mutual trip every 20.
500 passenger capacity
Each set can carry 500 passengers sitting and standing. The disabled will also be able to ride with their bike, asking for the sets they can ride comfortably. Card 54, which is known as the Smart Card, will be used in a short time.
Where are the stops?
Stations within the scope of the project that came to the contract stage with TCDD were Adapazarı Station, Donatım, Mithatpaşa Station, Maltepe-32 Houses, New Terminal, Arifiye Gate and Arifiye Station. For the light rail system considered for Yenikent transportation, TCDD and İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Transportation A.Ş. The project is being prepared in consultation.

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