Russia wants to participate in railway construction in Abu Dhabi

”Zarubejstroytehnologiya Y A.Ş. He plans to participate in the 2 billion dollar railway tender in Abu Dhabi. Yuriy Nikolson, the General Manager of the company, announced this. Nikolson said Abu Dhabi wants to build a 150 km rail at the 160-700 km / h. It is a railway that runs from the Saudi Arabian border to Dubai. In addition, a branch of the railway will go to the mountains where the mining is planned. The project envisions the construction of all railway infrastructure.
As explained by the General Director of açıklan Zarubejstroytehnologiya ün, the results of the tender can be explained at the end of the summer. If the company wins the tender, the tan Zarubejstroytehnologiya eh may start the project within one year after the contract is signed. According to Nikolson's calculations, a total of 150-200 Russian experts can join the project.


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 18:23

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