60 thousand signatures for pink metrobus gathered

60 thousand signatures collected with the request of women to switch to the 'pink metrobus' application were mailed to Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Topbaş.
The 60 thousand signatures collected in the signature campaign organized by the Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Directorate for the use of the "Pink Metrobus" application for the use of women on the metrobus line were sent to Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş by mail.
Provincial President Selman Esmerer, in front of the Taksim Post Office with the participation of a group of party members, reminded that they announced the "Pink Metrobus" request with the press release on February 20 and said that this demand is indisputable.
Esmerer said that women using Metrobus experienced various difficulties due to the intensity of the vehicles and they had unpleasant discussions due to these problems. Women who were forced to travel in these vehicles where the passengers were pregnant, with children, with children or with elderly people, were even more difficult to breathe.
"In our opinion, after every 3-4 vehicles, 1 pink metrobus needs to be put on the voyage for the female passengers who want it. Women passengers who wish will travel by using the vehicles in normal flights and those who want to travel by using pink ones. This practice will minimize the negative travel conditions of women and provide women with the opportunity to travel peacefully. ”
After the announcement, Provincial President Selman Esmerer sent the box with 60 thousand signatures to Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş from Taksim Post Office.

Source : I www.haberturk.co



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