Transportation Plan and Objections from T-1 Chamber of Engineers in Bursa

Bursa city urban traffic to relieve the ongoing efforts, the Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch of the objections are rising.
Bursa Transport Master Plan (BUAP), which was announced last month to the public, is not seen as a solution by Bursa Chamber of Civil Engineers.
Yesterday we watched the press conference of Necati Şahin, the President of the IOA, at the BAOB.
Sahin, the Metropolitan Municipality of Dr. BUA criticized Brenner for the reports he prepared and the reports that Istanbul Ulasim AS, which is regarded as' hormone '', was prepared.
Sahin, the next 25 T-1 Tram announced in June will be auctioned once again, 'an irrevocable mistake for Bursa' drew attention.
President Sahin, accompanied by a well-prepared presentation of the city will be connected to the next dozens of years, the technical reasons for the objections of the individual listed.
Şahin reiterated that BUAP was implemented with a far-fetched understanding of participation and transparency and that they were not included in the process.
The most important section on which Sahin was standing was the tram line between the Sculpture-Kent Square and Altıparmak.
Sahin, Environmental Plan and Transportation Master Plan process is completed before the process of the tram draws attention.
In fact, this line is not the result of BUAP, the decision of the Parliament entered the Master Plan of Transportation underlines.
Dr. Brenner also told them that the parliamentary decision was made before the 'law'.
Concerning this, the simultaneous removal of the 1 / 25.000, 1 / 5000 and 1 / 1000 scaled plans is against the planning principles, and it is likely that this situation will be carried to the judiciary together with ŞPO.
Şahin claims that Bursaray could not be run efficiently because of the minibuses running even parallel, while the capacity utilization of 2002 in 76 declined to 34.
Sahin, in this context, 'sold the S plate will be trouble in the beginning of Bursa' s plate.
Sahin's claims are not limited to these.
All this will be a response from the Metropolitan Municipality, BURALAŞ, who is the boss of this work.
However, it is clear from the explanations that there is still a case on the horizon.
IMO and SOP, as in Incirli T-1'i also ready to move to the judiciary.
The fire has fallen
Yesterday, our 8 saplings fell to the ground for the unity of this country.
Once again, the pain of martyrs swept around the country.
Our hearts are branded.
Mother, father, children, spouses and all the patriots are crying.
Divisive terror, in every concession given, every suggestion proposed for the solution, after the initiative and disclosure, feels relentless.
Once again, we condemn the terror gang, the fatherless, the fatherless, the wives of the wives, the young girls, the young girls.
We are eternally indulging our martyrs with mercy and gratitude.

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