New pedestrian overpasses will be built on the part of the Konya tram line passing through Nalçacı

Dr. Nalçacı Street The pedestrian overpass in front of the Faruk Sükan Maternity Hospital was located on the same street near the Safety Junction. The pedestrian overpasses, which the citizens were anxious to use to cross the road safely, were completely destroyed recently. Municipal teams, breaking down these two pedestrian overpass, leading to a major catastrophe, the flow of heavy traffic flow in the confrontation of the problem emerged confidently. On the road, where both traffic flows intensively and where the tram line is located, pedestrians cannot cross the road using the vehicle traffic. The pedestrians must walk to either the Sille Road Junction or the Safety Junction to be able to cross safely. However, some pedestrians take a big risk, passing the tram line, passing through the rails.
The pedestrian overpasses, which are in danger of collapse because they are old and neglected, will be replaced by a new one, and new pedestrian overpasses will have a modern structure with elevator, escalator and escalator. Konya Metropolitan Municipality officials, new pedestrian overpass projects are ready, shortly after the completion of the tender as soon as possible to do a new one reported.

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