Citizens of Konya Ask Where are the Air Conditioners to be Installed on Trams 2 Months Ago

With the warming of the weather, getting on the tram became a torment for the citizens.
Approximately 2 months before the announcement that the airconditioning of the trams, although no change in the citizen, reacted to President Akyurek.
The tram that has become the bleeding wound of Konya, is increasingly outraged by the citizens. With the weather being overheated, Konyalı's hard-to-reach tramway is suffering from traveling at an ant speed. 2 months ago Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyurek "will put the air conditioning closest to trams as soon as the words," he refreshed a little bit Konyalı, unheard of, then the words are burning, so to speak.
Citizens who complained that the air conditioners did not hang on the trams, criticized President Tahir Akyürek. Uğur Demirci, a student at the Faculty of Agriculture at Selçuk University, said: “Mayor Tahir Akyürek says:“ Allah sees the side of your side and you feel the cold öğ. Will he wear the air conditioners in winter? K
Uğur Demirci stated that the tram, which runs around 300 every day, has become unbearable in hot weather. Let's get the money, but let's get these air conditioners installed. If the Metropolitan Municipality cannot afford air conditioning, it is no problem. Add air conditioning fee to hand cards in a certain period of time, air conditioning money out of there. Mayor Tahir Akyürek, continue to make a park and garden for a better Konya with flowers. I'm very curious. Tahir Akyürek, did he ever get on a tram? Tah
Esra Atal, another citizen who expresses occasional disruptions, said, ifade Occasionally, due to traffic accidents on the tramway, intermittent trips occur. That's why I was late for my lessons and exams. Tram goes from Zafer to Campus on 50 minutes. The high speed train runs from Konya to Ankara in 75 minutes. I don't understand how this works. There are also many stops for the tram routes, the stops are not reduced and the journeys are made a bit faster, Tram he said.

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  1. In previous election promises, Mr. Mayor had the promise of METRO to Konya. Despite being elected for 2 consecutive terms, he forgot his promises. During the month of Ramadan in the summer, the air conditioner was not installed while the people were getting on these scraps. What has been visibly done to Konya? Previously he was building a road-bridge. Body show on bilboards made alone. The nation looks at action, not painting. These trams change in the near future, most likely as an investment of choice. It votes in the nation.