Konya tram almost sauna

As the temperatures felt, the nightmare of the tram turned back. Outside, the 33 creek in the 35-40 grade is felt and the trams serve as a sauna.
As of June, increasing temperatures create an overwhelming mood in Konya. The sweltering heat of the day with the 33 rating is transforming for the citizen, and this ordeal is increasing in public transport. In public transport, the address of the bell is trams. During the year, constantly deteriorating, power cuts on the road, the trolley runs in the accident, accidents in the summer also serves as a sauna for Konyalı. Outside the 33-35 temperature range is up to 40. Due to the increasing temperature from morning hours, citizens prefer to go to the seats instead of sitting. The fact that there is not enough air from the windows and the ceiling further increases the incidence. Especially the elderly and children are very uncomfortable. Citizens with heart disease and diabetes from campus to Alaeddin lasting a long way to the end of the 40 way. Children want to get off the tram as soon as they are in the sweltering heat. This situation brings to mind the song vatandaş Çile bülbülüm çile vatandaş, while his compatriot revolts. Citizens reacting to the sweltering heat on the tram, said that the journey to the tram was almost a retribution. The current trams do not remove the city's burden, some citizens said they had to use the trams for urban transportation, but the municipality said that modernization of the trams. This summer, the citizens do not want to attract the heat steal, officials are urging the task to solve the problem.
In the face of these criticism from the citizens of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 12 April 2012 history of all the trams serving in urban transportation air conditioning system has started work on the installation said. Despite the announcement of the completion of the tender in the statement made on the subject in the summer, it is still in reaction to the lack of air conditioners. On the other hand, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Haşmet Okur, in his speech at the Provincial Assembly said that in the 2012 year investment plans, the railway system and trams in Konya were renewed.
President of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Assoc. Dr. Mete Kalyoncu also said that the trams have now completed their economic life as well as completing their technical life. Kalyoncu, left behind half a century of trams now in the nostalgic edge of the city center should be used modern rail systems, he said. "Turkey has its own tram began ÜRÜT" said Kalyoncu, "In such an environment 1976 models still use German-made trams Konya is a negative situation. Trams need to be renewed without harming more citizens and without harming Konya economy. There is no point in tormenting people in the heat of summer İnsanlar.

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