Izban Flight Hours Changed

İZBAN Times and İZBAN Timetables
İZBAN Times and İZBAN Timetables

Izban travel hours have changed as of 10 June 2012.12 has been reduced to 10 minutes per minute. New schedules are given in the table below.

“Your transportation to Alsancak station from Cumaovası and Aliağa will take place by ring trains departing from Halkapınar station at 10-minute intervals. Your transition to the trains going from Alsancak to Aliağa and Cumaovası directions will take place from Halkapınar Station by ring trains departing from Alsancak Station at 10-minute intervals. "

İZBAN A.Ş. has 31 stations along the route it will operate. It will provide transportation services to two different directions as north and south axis. North Axis; It starts from Aliağa Storage area and ends at Salhane station. South Axis; It starts from Halkapınar station and ends at Cumaovası Depo area.

North Axis

  • Aliağa
  • Biçerova
  • Hatundere
  • Menemen
  • Egekent 2
  • Ulukent
  • Egekent 1
  • Atasanayi
  • Çiğli
  • Mavişehir
  • Şemikler
  • Demirköprü
  • Nergiz
  • Karşıyaka
  • Alaybey
  • Naldöken
  • Turan
  • Bayraklı
  • Salhane

South Axis

  • Halkapınar
  • Alsancak
  • Belts
  • Şirinyer
  • Running
  • İnkılap
  • Semt Garajı
  • Esbaş
  • Gaziemir
  • Sarnıç
  • A.Menderes Airport
  • Cumaovası

One of the most important productions on the line Karşıyaka  The tunnel is 3260 meters long. 1930 meters of the tunnel line is a closed area and 3 underground along the tunnel (Alaybey, Karşıyaka, Nergis) and an overground (Naldöken) station. The Şirinyer tunnel is 2 kilometers long.

In order to ensure integration with other transport systems of the suburban system, a total of 15 units were planned to be transferred along the route in Aliağa, Biçerova, Hatundere, Menemen, Ulukent, Egekent, Çiğli, Mavişehir, Salhane, Halkapınar, Kemer, Şirinyer, District Garage, Esbaş and Sarnic stations.

52 escalators and elevators with overhead elevations are planned for pedestrians to reach the stations and to ensure that the railway passes safely.

At the stations on the Izmir Suburban system; 97 elevators and 88 escalators were installed for the convenience and comfort of passengers.



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