135 meters below the Bosphorus!

Milliyet Newspaper Author Fikret Bila became one of the last teams to go through the tunnel of marmaray and wrote your comments about the tunnel. Here is that post!
It was exciting to advance in a water tunnel under the 135 meter of the Bosphorus. This tunnel was privileged to take part in the last team before the water was pressed.
DSI 14. Yalçın Çomoğlu, Regional Director, said, yap We will leave from Beykoz and leave İstinye Derbent, meanwhile we will stop at the intersection of Asia and Europe and take a picture of the moment ın.
Çomoğlu said, m You will be the last team to pass through this tunnel before the water is pressed. Ç
The lucky guests, who were the last to pass through the water tunnel, were US Consul General Scott Frederic Kilner, his wife Jan Kilner, Turkcell CEO Süreyya Ciliv and son Morgan.
Regional Director Çomoğlu, his wife and DSİ officials and the consuls of the Consul General accompanied this historic passage.
The tunnel that we will pass through was the water tunnel formed by the 135 kilometer, 5,5 meter diameter pipes passing through the bottom of the water, not far from the water, but reaching to the depth of the 4 meter between the Melen Project, Beykoz-İstinye, which they know as the ında life water project Geç.
Cold, quiet and dark
When we climbed the merpenes entering the tunnel from Beykoz, we had two pickup trucks in front of us. The team and the photojournalist colleagues to accompany us on board. We and the guests in the truck behind him.
When the lorries started to move slowly in the giant pipe and the light of the door we entered entered, the chilling part of the journey began.
The huge pipe, illuminated only by the headlights of the vehicles, was quiet and pitch-dark. There was silence reminiscent of movie scenes such as horror movie or Our Mission Danger. Only the engine sound and reverberation of cars; As the cars progress, a cold wind that strikes the face and a narrow tunnel with no exit light.
DSI 14. Regional Director Çomoğlu, from time to time this silence by disturbing us was disturbed. He gave information about the tunnel at different points. He told us what we were in the meter, whether we were under the strait, the full intersection of the two continents, and how the tunnel was constructed, so that the journey would be comfortable.
Engineering wonder
I remembered the giant projects described in documentary channels while traveling in the tunnel. I thought it should be the Bosphorus Water Tunnel that passes under the Bosphorus in the engineering wonder buildings described as mega projects.
The tunnel, which starts from Beykoz with a 7 inclination, starts to rise with a 135 slope after finding the bottom of the 1 meter, and after the 5,5 kilometer, it re-emerges in İstinye Derbent on the European side.
Turkey always be proud of the tunnel, passing under the Bosphorus in Istanbul for the first time in history 135 meters unites Europe and Asia. The tunnel has the capacity to pass 3 million cubic meters of water per day from the Asian side to the European side.
The way of the tunnel has changed
The Bosphorus Water Tunnel was built on a different route when it was first designed. The reason for this is the geophysical survey. A map showing the rock boundaries of the first designed route was removed and a circular alluvial pit was found at the 175 meter. With the thought that this pit at the bottom of the throat would not be suitable for tunnel passage, a new route was determined and construction was started.
Istanbul's water problem
Since Istanbul conquered the city, Istanbul's water problem has been solved by the Bosphorus Tunnel until 2060. Kanuni told Mimar Sinan, su Tell him whether it is possible to bring the water to the architect. If it is possible, I'm willing to put the pouches on the side by side, not side-by-side.

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