Ankara-Eskişehir Converges with Başkentray Project

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said the journey time between Ankara and Eskişehir will be shortened by 25 minutes by integrating Başkentray into High Speed ​​Train.
TURKEY, High Speed ​​Tren'l to (YHT) in a short time despite the introduction of domestic travels in 2009 has become the most preferred means of public transport.
TCDD started to implement new YHT projects one after another on the demand of the citizens. Turkey, 8 the world with the YHT-tech., 6 in Europe. became the country.
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the journey of the Başkentray Project between Ankara-Sincan will be shortened and the travel time between Ankara and Eskişehir will decrease from 1 hour to 30 hour to 1 minutes. Karaman said, acak With the Ankara-Eskişehir Başkentray project, 5 will get closer to each other for a minute. Kar Karaman told Hürriyet about the innovations and changes brought by YHT.
the entry into service of the Ankara-Eskisehir line at the same time Turkey's High Speed ​​Tren'l also the date of the meeting. Could you tell us about this process?
The first YHT line was put into service at 13 March 2009 in Ankara-Eskişehir and at 23 August 2011 in Ankara-Konya. The opening of these lines is a milestone in the 156 annual railway history. 2003 is the first work of the leap process that started with the state policy in XNUMX, Ankara-Eskişehir line. The innovations that this line brought to our country from transportation to socio-cultural life and from economy to art made the train a part of our daily life again. People who didn't go out of their house started to travel day by day with YHT.
What has YHT changed in our lives?
HRCs not only facilitated transportation and shortened time, but also changed train perception. Citizens traveling with HRCs were introduced to the comfort, comfort and safety of the advanced railway technology. The first transportation between the capital and Eskişehir is now YHT. Since its inauguration in June 3 2012 days until the date of Eskisehir line million 5 818 119 thousand passengers were transported. Before the commencement of the YHT voyages, the share of the bus between Ankara and Eskişehir decreased from 55 to 10 in one and a half years. The share of the high-speed train increased from 8 to 70. The percentage of citizens traveling between the two cities with the special vehicle before the train, the percentage of 37'den 18'e fell back. According to the survey, the 84 of passengers traveling by high-speed train was withdrawn from the highways. Travel by bus after YHT decreased. 4 people transported between 572 and 7 passengers in the days when the companies carried XNUMX passengers. High Speed ​​Train made life dynamic as it shortened distances.
Was there any change in the passenger profile?
Passengers traveling with YHT in Ankara-Eskişehir line; 63 is male and 37 is female. 34 of the passengers 24 age and below, the average passenger profile is the young and middle-aged group. 64 of the YHT passengers are university graduates, 50 employees are working, 30 students and other people constitute the 90. Customer satisfaction rate exceeds 7. Now everyone from 70 to 23 travels with YHT. Ministers prefer YHT in Eskişehir and Konya programs. In these two cities, foreign statesmen who attend from abroad also go by train. Sports clubs actively use HRCs. XNUMX April festivals and Turkish Olympics to the world for our children coming to Turkey YHT Eskişehir and Konya trips are made. Tourists from Middle Eastern countries organize YHT tours.
How did the number of passengers affect the stations?
With the launch of the YHTs, the train re-entered the citizen's agenda. The number of passengers increased the number of garages. So much so; The bride and grooms, who combine life by establishing a new home, arrive at the garages to have a souvenir photo in front of YHT. Young people of the country in Ankara 50 training festival in Ankara Gar was out. He gave important messages for world peace by singing and performing various dance performances. We describe our garages as olarak Life's 24 venues yaş. YHTs, together with the increasing number of passengers, make a great contribution.
With the Başkentray Project, Ankara-Eskişehir line will be integrated into the city. Will this project provide any advantage to the Eskişehir line?
I would like to emphasize that the capital is not only Ankara's project. High Speed ​​Train travel time of 19 minutes in the existing corridor between Ankara and Xinjiang will be reduced by 8 minutes to 11 minutes. The travel time between Ankara and Eskişehir will be reduced to 1 hours 30 minutes to 1 minutes. So with Ankara and Eskişehir Başkentray project, 5 will be closer to each other. The existing 25 road between Ankara and Behiçbey will be on 4, including 2 high speed trains, 2 suburban and 2 conventional trains. Between Behiçbey and Sincan, a total of 6 roads will be constructed, including 2 units of high-speed trains, 2 suburbs and 1 units for conventional trains. Within the scope of the project, which is planned to be transported 5 million passengers a year, a modern garage will be constructed in Etimesgut Emirler's order to ensure that the passengers on the west side of the population are moving to YHT before they arrive at Ankara Gar. In this garda, the place where the passenger services will be fulfilled will be found along with the shopping places. The suburban line will be separated from transit railway traffic and will be transformed into a more functional, high standard, comfortable, safe and preferable transportation type for time, operation and user.
What are the stages of Eskişehir Gar crossing?
The construction of the Sakarya Level Crossing was completed. Baglar gate was reached. The destruction of the Muttalip bridge was also made. Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality in this region due to problems with the subject has been brought to court. Now we're waiting for the outcome.

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