Exporters' Idea of ​​Logistics Center to Trabzon

It was stated that a logistics center to be built in Trabzon and Trabzon's Middle East and Asian geography could become the supply and transfer center.
The President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKİB), Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, who made statements on the subject, required the foreign trade of the Eastern Black Sea Region, which has a very important strategic advantage in terms of proximity to the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East Region, especially the Russian Federation. He reminded that due to the insufficient building investments, he could not benefit from these potentials at the desired level and sustainably. In the previous years, although Trabzon ranked first in exports to the Russian Federation by seaway, after the closure of Russia's Sochi Port, Trabzon came to an end in logistics services, and the exporters and transportation vessels turned to other regions and the economy of Trabzon Stating that he received a coup, Gürdoğan said, “For this, certain infrastructures should be made in order to activate the provinces and knowledge and potential of geographical proximity advantage of Trabzon, and provinces and hinterland provinces should be made attractive. In this context, there is an opportunity to transform Trabzon into a logistics center to be built in Trabzon and become the center of supply and transfer in the Middle East and Asia. ”
Gürdoğan noted that Kazbegi -Verhni Lars Border Gate will be opened in Georgia in the coming months as part of the works carried out under the coordination of our Ministry of Economy. and the possibility of reaching the Russian Federation by road in 6 hours with the opening of this door, the possibility of opening the South Ossetia gate, which is also the third door to pass through Russia, through Georgia, possibly the possibility of opening the cargo traffic of Sochi or Adler Ports again after 2014. Due to the negativity that may occur in the Middle East and Iran in the coming years, the transit passes through these countries to Central Asia and the Turkic Republics have become risky and these transitions are Trabzon-Georgia-Russia (Kazbegi-Verhni Lars Sın It is highly probable that the direction of Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan by ferry from Makhachkala on the Hazra coast of Russia) and on this route will go to China on the road, making the province of Trabzon and the Eastern Black Sea Region logically attractive. In addition to this, the possibility of transportation to China through this line will be brought to the agenda through the transportation of cargo from China to Europe. Because cargoes from China to European countries can still be delivered by container line in a minimum of 40 days. The cargoes that will come to the ports of our Eastern Black Sea Region by road through this line will create the opportunity to send to Europe and hinterland countries in a shorter time by the container line existing in Trabzon port. In addition, thanks to a logistics center that will be created with all infrastructure possibilities considering the world examples, there is also the possibility of transit trade through the logistics center of the Russian Federation and its hinterland in Trabzon, and the raw material loads that will go from these countries to European countries ”.
In addition to this, Gürdoğan stated that it is possible to make the transit flow of the Middle East-Europe and the Middle East-Central Asia through the logistics center to be established in Trabzon. “Currently, it is the closest port from our country to the Northern Iraq Region where western firms invest a great deal. There are ports in the provinces of Trabzon and our region, and a logistic center based in Trabzon, which will be established by becoming more advantageous with the opening of the Ovit Tunnel, will make the use of this line attractive. Surmene-Çamburnu Shipyard filling area is the most suitable place in terms of area size and strategic location among the alternatives available to address the region for the logistics center. In this context, the Ministry of Economy, which is still being constructed as a shipyard by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (General Directorate of DLH Construction), which is among the duties of the establishment of logistics centers, is under the ownership of the Surmene-Çamburnu Shipyard embankment area. It is necessary to allocate to the Ministry of Economy to establish a Logistics Center ”.

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