The Immigration of the Çayyolu Metro Construction Received a Life

A big drama emerged from the dent that occurred during the metro works in front of Ankara İnönü Boulevard.
It was determined that the citizen, who was under the rubble while walking on the sidewalk, started working at the Turkish Grand National Assembly two days ago and walked on the sidewalk to go to work this morning. His nephew Halil İbrahim Kuş explained that the name of the person under the migration was Kadir Sevim. The body of Kadir Sevim was reached late at night.
There was a pit of about one meter in the place of Çayyolu Metro. During the dent, a citizen walking on the sidewalk fell into the pit and disappeared.
AKUT, Civil Defense and firefighting teams, the alleged citizen under the rubble to continue the search while another half-meter in the same area, led to panic.
A search was made in the nomadic area accompanied by trained dogs. Dogs entering the well could not find a citizen. Then, a person from the civil defense team, with the help of a night vision camera with the help of rope was landed.
After the collapse in Ankara Metro, Eskişehir road was closed to traffic in case of collapse. The queue formed by the vehicles that could not proceed in the direction of the Red Crescent extended to the METU Interchange. The fact that the migration occurred in the region that will be closed to traffic on June 25 due to the subway works, provoked the traffic problem that they would experience three days later.
Meanwhile, Ankara residents who will use the scene, one of the important routes of Ankara, have been warned against the evening traffic. The authorities were asked to choose alternative routes for citizens to use the road that was closed due to the crash.
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which took over the construction of the Ankara Metro two years ago from the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, made a statement following the migration in the capital's subway construction. The Ministry's statement is as follows:
Metre In the construction of Kızılay-Çayyolu Metro, which was taken over by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, a crash of about 06.50 meters occurred in front of the Air Forces Command at 2 in the morning, when the work was not started yet. The ministries and the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments were rapidly transferred to the scene of the incident and civil defense, search and rescue and fire brigade teams were directed to the scene where the collapse occurred.
The teams were intervened in the collapse area and necessary measures were taken to ensure that the migration did not grow. The scene is closed to passenger and vehicle traffic for safety of life and property. A technical investigation was initiated on the reason for the occurrence of the collapse.
Due to the allegations that there is a citizen under the emigration, search works are carried out with sensitivity with K-9 dogs in the collapse area.




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