BURULAŞ President received a response to İMO for T1 tram line (SPECIAL NEWS)

Welcome to our press conference where we will make evaluations about Bursa Transportation Planning and Tram Lines.
As the Bursa Branch of İMO, we would like to share with the public the facts of the transportation of Bursa to you once again to warn the authorities. Namely;
On the 25.08.2010 of “BURSA URBAN AND NEAR ENVIRONMENT TRANSPORTATION MAIN PLAN Ş (BUAP) We considered Brenner a tender as a positive opportunity for Bursa.
Dr. 8 December 2010 by the Metropolitan Municipality in the history of our information and feedback was received. Brenner stated that Bursa Transportation Planning should be continued in a participatory and transparent environment.
18 November 2011 will be held in the history of a new meeting, but the Due to Brenner's sudden discomfort, 2 was held at a later date. It was announced in a writing.
In this process where no intermediate meetings were held, we had the opportunity to meet on 25 April 2012, about 18 months later. The presentation at the last meeting was abundant, but plenty of service; we encountered a landscape without an opinion period.
The projection year of ve Bursa Urban and Near Environment Transportation Study “, which was conducted in 1992 and approved by DLH General Directorate, is 2012. According to this study, BHRS was designated 4 km at 55 stage.
Although the preliminary project work of the other stages of the Bursa Light Rail System was requested in the BUAP specification, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality completed the project before the end of the Plan. With a feasibility study in the previous study, the most passenger demand on the line of Altiparmak-Sculpture decided to make the tram.
With the decision taken in the Metropolitan Municipality Council, the construction work of the T1 line was given to karar Burulaş alın. By Burulaş
Line Length: 6.5 Km
Number of Stops: 16 pcs.
Single direction ring system.
Maximum longitudinal slope:% 8.2 (Non-Standard)
In the city of Ulm in Germany, there is a conventional 9.1 inclination, and there is a conventional tram running at the 8,9 slope in the city of Würzburg.
_Minimum horizontal curve radius: 25 m.
Minimum station to: 300 m. (Non-Standard)
Tram station ranges are generally between 250-350 mt and can be shortened according to need and attraction centers. (1130 intermittent 150 intermittent tram line in Amsterdam Konigsluis 4-15 mt is 5 consecutive stops at 6 seconds, 8 and 1,26 at Darmstadt heldeberger landstrasse are 1,6 km. 157 11 6 metro line and XNUMX tram line are located in Barcelona, ​​which has XNUMX million nufus. The nostalgic tram in the city, which has a regular settlement, moves along with blue vehicle traffic.
Number of inclined stall: 5 pieces
Before the completion of the ILO ENVIRONMENTAL PLAN of 1 / 100.000 for Bursa, T1 TRAMVAY LINE process has been started before the transportation master plan, TRANSPORT MAIN PLAN is completed.
Before the completion of BUAP (Bursa Transportation Master Plan), Metropolitan Municipality Council decision was taken regarding the T1 line.
_ The planning process for the T1 line from the Metropolitan Municipality Council is ongoing and the approval of the monuments board is expected. The construction of the T1 Tram line will be made on 25 June 2012.
5 companies participated in the tender.
The 1 / 1, 25.000 / 1 and 5.000 / 1 plans for the _T1.000 line were removed at the same time.
Although it is included in the Buap draft, it has been approved by DLH, the approval authority of these projects.
The T1 tramway planning process involves serious legal inaccuracies.
In the projection of _2012, the stadium street - Altıparmak - sculpture - Gökdere - stage, with 16.200 passengers demand per hour, was planned as a drilling tunnel.
Altiparmak street public transport vehicles 1100 bus bus * 25 bus / bus: 27500, 320 units dolmus * 20 voyage / day * 3 person / vehicle: 19200 people total 33900 people pass one way from the street by public transport. 33900 / 12 h: 2825 has an average hourly passenger capacity / hour. This passenger 2825 / 120 is required by 23 voyages / h at peak times. 60 / 23: It is possible to transport all public transport passengers by tram if the 2,60 intermittent tram is operated. In the beginning (22 minute / tour) / 2,60 min range: 8 tram will be enough.
Tram intervals can be reduced up to 30 seconds if there is enough car. In this case 120 voyage / h * 150 passenger / vehicle: It is possible to reach up to 18000 person / hour capacity. It will be possible to transport all the passengers coming to the city center by private car with the tram.
After this study, Bursa Transportation Master Plan was awarded in 2010 in Bursa. In this plan, the trip request is determined as 17.590 passenger / hour in one direction.
ANSWER: We are met
It is not possible to transport passenger demand with tram lines which should be considered as feed lines on this line which should be the main route of the Light Rail System.
It seems possible. Tramway will provide feed to Metro in Osmangazi and Demirtaş stations
Istanbul Transport Inc. 's T1 TRAMWAY LINE APPLICATION PROJECT REPORT on T1 Tram Line and BUAP (Bursa Transportation Master Plan) transport model results have serious differences, including travel requests and routes.
Istanbul Transportation Inc. While 1.5 predicts the number of voyages in the 2 array, the BU 6 predicts the 2 series in the min.
In the same report, population growth is annually 1.5 (% 3.4 in BUAP)
Mobility coefficient: 1 (1.43 in BUAP)
Minimum time interval 2 min. (6 min. In BUAP)
_Büyükşehir Belediyemizin this route is considering to run the Silkworm Tramway is the only vehicle, and does not fall in accordance with both predictions.
Silkworm is the concept of the vehicle yet has not yet been procured tender vehicles will be taken according to the most appropriate specification and price.
_Bursa recommends that the tram line should be built on Yalova road in the Transportation Master Plan and does not foresee the T1 line alone in the first stage. DLH also makes the same prediction.
Tender already 1. It was opened as a stage. 2. Yalova road will be made at the stage. Sn Şahin falls deeply with him here
Since the _T1 Tram Line has entered into the transportation main plan as a prerequisite, all the models have been constructed accordingly and other transportation scenarios which have been modeled could not be brought to the agenda.
All of them are wrong with the rumors of his wife.
_The topography of the current T1 route is not suitable for tram operation, therefore it has serious risks in terms of operating expenses as well as the comfort and safety of the journey.
ANSWER: Wrong information
In the urban rail transportation criteria published by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways, the biggest longitudinal slope in tram systems was determined as% 6. There are slopes around 1 due to the existing road elevations and terrain structure on the T8.2 line route. These inclines cause the use of the vehicle to be reduced in the ratio of 1 / 4, inclined stations, operating speed and cost.
Considered in the project
_ In the application project report, 2013 thousand passenger demand is foreseen in 304 on this route and this passenger demand is not from this route and covers all passengers coming from all points of Bursa.
The T1 tram line will not be of interest to the public, especially in a narrow area, except for the passengers carrying the taxi-minibuses.
It is stated above that there is capacity to carry all public transport vehicles as well as private vehicle users.
The _T1 Tram Line covers a narrow area and the maximum number of passengers on this route is 34 thousand per day.
Hourly capacity 18000 daily maximum capacity 16 will be theoretically the person (288000 person factual) with the working principle of the hour.
The _T1 Tram Line has no integration with BHRS and other types of public transport. It is unclear how many passengers will come to the T1 line from the various parts of the city.
Metro and Osmangazi and Demirtaş stations, Buses Stadium and city square transfer points
There is the capacity to transfer the passengers in the Stadium, Bıçakçılar car parks with special vehicles and there is capacity to displace all passengers.
_T1 Tram Line will not have any positive effect on lifting the type of transportation other than taxi-minibuses with the present project and the pedestrianization of Atatürk Street.
Both the bus lines and the private transportation vehicle traffic will continue in the same way. The number of 1300 buses will decrease to 200, the minibuses will be completely lifted, the traffic of private cars will be encouraged and the traffic will decrease more than% 50.
The project report of the Bursa T1 Rail System Line Project, prepared by _İstanbul Transportation Inc. page 26. Travel Demand Forecasts are exactly as follows:
Kıl The length of the line is short and makes the line feeder and distributor in other lines. “
. This route aims to replace occupied traffic and reduce automobile traffic. “
As it is understood, T1 Tram Line is not the main transportation vehicle and there is no reduction in the number of buses.
Istanbul Transportation Inc. has made no prediction for the post 2023 year and the situation has been fixed.
Expressions are incorrect. The reduction of the buses is not according to the report but according to the need and Ukome decisions.
T1 There will be a safety hazard in mixed traffic due to tram line and there will be serious slowdown in traffic flow and other types of public transportation due to tram priority signaling system.
The signalization tram will be a priority, as the number of vehicles is reduced, there will be no problem. Bagcılar tram is an example
Due to the _T1 line, there will be serious difficulties in the traffic circulation at the intersection intersections, especially at the Gazcılar Caddesi entrance.
We think that the implementation of the operational scenarios and the capacity utilization will not be possible due to the low station ranges in the T1 Tram Line.
Station ranges can provide average operating speed
_Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Press Release on 28.01.2012 ında We will hit the first dig in May, at the end of the year the silkworm will be on the road ur
Due to the tender process, the tender was made in 25 / 06 and construction will start in July.
_ UM We are going to tender the next month's 6 km city center line. We are planning to hit the first excavation in a short time and complete the construction as August-September. At the end of the year, the silkworm will be on Bursa tracks. We are planning to carry 14 a thousand people a day in the 34 wagon X
Result; As the Bursa Branch of İMO, we think that the T1 line project, which we tried to summarize above, is an irreversible misconception. We are sorry for the fact that we live in Bursa and we have been dreaming of the roads we have been dreaming of for a long time and have to have a pedestrian zone.
As a result of the transportation study carried out in 1992, the light rail system should be the main target by making the Merinos - Altıparmak - Atatürk Street - Gökdere - Ankara Road line and pedestrianization of Atatürk Street.
_In this way, it will be perceived again in the old city of our region and will be an important center of attraction.
The tram will be the vehicle for pedestrianization of Atatürk Street. Special and other vehicle traffic will be extremely reduced.



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