Signs Tülomsaş Rail Systems Protocol with ESOGÜ

Eskişehir Osmangazi University (Eskisehir Osmangazi) with refurbishments and Turkey Locomotives Motor Industry Co. (TÜLOMSAŞ), a protocol was signed between the rail systems and aiming to cooperate on all matters including R&D and education. In the statement made, with the protocol, by conducting R&D studies, to reduce the dependency abroad for the products, systems and services required by the railway sector, to create environments that will allow the training of researchers, trainers and specialist personnel required by the sector, leading universities that work on railway engineering of ESOGÜ to contribute to the development of the sector by determining common policies and methods for creating railroad systems knowledge and memory, to participate in projects to meet the needs of the sector, to participate in projects within the scope of national and international joint R&D related to rail systems, to make decisions and standard. In determining, it was stated that it is aimed to work to meet the needs of our country.
Speaking at the signing ceremony of the Rectorate Meeting Hall, Rector of ESOGU. Dr. Hasan Gönen stated that Eskişehir is a bridge head for the high-speed train and that the high-speed train will make great contributions to the national economy in the future.
Expressing that the high speed train will provide significant savings in transportation and transportation costs and time. Dr. Hasan Gonen, Eskisehir TÜLOMSAŞ tram, high-speed train and other railway sectors to make technological and scientific cooperation to sign this protocol, he said.
Protocol TULOMSAS General Manager Hayri Avci, railway, locomotive, wagon, tramway in sectors such as providing information support, as well as innovation and R & D support in terms of getting the protocol is important, he said.
Avcı stated that TÜLOMSAŞ will be a training center for his doctorate and graduate students.
As a result of the cooperation between the two institutions, Hayri Avcı stated that the aim is to make Eskişehir as a railway production center and to get as much share as possible from the world railway vehicle market in 100 billion euros.

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