Overpass crisis in Izban

It is seen that the Izban line, which the people of Torbalı are looking forward to, will not be completed in the planned time. While the second line works are continuing at full speed, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has undertaken the construction of the stations and overpasses, has not yet done any work, making citizens think.
Following the protocol signed to extend the İZBAN line to Torbalı, the work started on October 7, 2011. The work, which was initiated after the groundbreaking ceremony with the participation of Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım, is planned to be completed within 18 months. The construction process started 8 months ago, after the protocol was signed to extend the Aliağa-Menderes Suburban System to Torbalı, which was realized in partnership with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. 30 stations and 4 highway overpasses will be built on an additional line of approximately 7 kilometers. While TCDD is continuing its work intensively, the fact that the Metropolitan Municipality, which will build the passages 10 months before the project is completed, has not nailed the project yet, signaling that the project will be delayed.
STATE railways continues to work on the second line through the company of Gürsesli İnelsan. Gsesli Inelsan company is about to complete the infrastructure work of the rails that 30 will be able to lay on the kilometer. After completing the excavation, arrangement and filling works for the second line between Torbalı Train Station and Tepeköy Train Station, the firm will begin laying the rails. For security reasons, the area around the line is covered with iron bars. In the study, the ranking will be wrong. After the construction of the second line, the railways will start the work to renew the old line, but early closure of the rails will cause trouble. During the replacement of the old line, the walls around the railway will have a negative impact on the work.
18 months were given for the completion and delivery of the PROJECT. Torbalı line should normally be completed in April 2013. However, the company, which saw that the line could not be completed in the planned time, asked for an additional 3 months. According to the protocol made with TCDD, the construction of the highway and pedestrian underpasses as well as the station constructions will be carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality. However, the fact that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has not hammered a single nail for the project yet makes us think. Citizens began to think that the project could not be completed on time.

Source : http://www.egehaberi.com.tr



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