Istanbul, Turkey's largest metro project, which Kadıköy- Energy Environmental Control and SCADA system of the Eagle project is carried out by our company.
We can say that we are in the last months of the race in the project that we entered in the last months to complete. In rail system projects, SCADA systems provide management of all electromechanical subsystems and control of the energy system.
The project includes total 16 station 2 generator building and 1 warehouse. The approximate number of IOs per station is around 3.000.
SCADA system is realized in two systems as Energy and Environmental Control in Kadiköy Kartal metro project. In both systems, we are working with the same infrastructure and within the scope of the project about 350 environmental control system, more energy than 100 SCADA system was prepared for SCADA system.
When we look at the overall size and prestige of the project, we have introduced some innovations based on our previous experience to make the SCADA system worthy of this project. All station equipment were plotted as 3D (3 size) (fan, escalator, damper, elevator, turnstile etc.) and isometric drawings were prepared in accordance with station architectures and equipment SCADA settlements were made. Signal displays were provided on the equipment as requested.
We worked with Siemens software on software and GE Fanuc PLCs on the hardware side. There are different communication infrastructures in the project. As integration we worked without problems. For example, DC panels Siemens, Medium Voltage panels ABB and PLC communication Modbus - Modbus TCP.
The redundant Central Server system was supported with separate Archive Server. Because of intensive data flow, the Archive Server is being installed with Oracle database. In the system installed with intensive communication, scanning times per device were optimized despite the Modbus infrastructure and reduced to a short time. The prepared tunnel and station fire-safety scenarios were extensively adapted to the SCADA system and a flexible infrastructure was established. On the SCADA side of the energy system, 6 has a double ring feed and 4 generator input from the source.
Istanbul Edirnekapı Topkapı LRT line, İzmir Metro II. And III. We have contributed to the project construction speed in our Kadiköy Kartal project with the experience we have for stage projects, Gaziantep LRT line, Istanbul Otogar Esenler line SCADA projects.
Together with the SCADA project of Kadiköy Kartal subway, ELMAK is the domestic company which has the most reference for SCADA systems.

Elmak Control Systems

                                                                                                                                             Reyhan UZUN

                                                                                                                                             Sales manager

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