The Gospel of Logistics Endures Denizli

The transportation of cargoes from Denizli to İzmir port both threatened highway traffic and increased costs. The logistical village goes into service, the trouble ends.
The gospel of the Kaklik Logistics Center has come to Denizli for many years. It was welcomed in the business world that all the railway lines between Denizli and Kaklik were laid and the logistic village was in service.
The first stage of the Kaklik Logistics Center in the Kaklik district of Honda district, which will greatly alleviate the cost burden of the industrialists in Denizli, was completed in 2009 with an annual 250 thousand tons loading capacity. While the second stage of the logistics center, which will reach the annual 1 million tons, will not be able to tender even if the tender stage has been renewed due to the renewal of the railway line between Denizli and Kaklik-Afyon.
Denizli Governor Abdulkadir Demir received the support of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yildirim, who has taken initiatives together with MPs and non-governmental organizations to make the center operational as soon as possible. Kaklik Logistics Center, the state railways was one of the first centers that perform in Turkey. All lines between Denizli and Kaklik were laid. Within a short time, our businessmen will now transport all their cargo to İzmir Port much cheaper and much more serially. Kısa
Denizli Chamber of Industry (DSO) President Müjdat Keçeci, Denizli, the harbor of industrialists will take the goods to the port of the train project project 8 years back to the story of the snake, he said. Keçeci, who has been waiting for Kaklik Logistics Center for years, said, “Denizli businessman has to choose the highway to send goods to Izmir. Our businessmen TIR'la tone 20 dollars to Izmir is sending goods. However, the same businessman thousands of kilometers away from China by sea to send goods 10 tone. This is a major disadvantage in competition, Bu he said. Keçeci noted that freight transportation in the world was done by sea and railway. “We do not have a possibility like sea but rail transportation provides a great advantage to our businessmen. There is the possibility of sending goods to Izmir, such as China, for a ton of 10 dollars. This is an incredible way to reduce costs and provides easy transport. This strategic expectation will make businessmen happy in economic terms. Bu
On the other hand, it was learned that the second stage tender of Kaklik Logistics Center will be held in July. 2008'da January 9 250 people died in the train accident after the Denizli-Kaklik-Afyon railroad line renovation work was initiated. This renovation work interrupted the planned work at the Kaklık Logistics Center with a capacity of one thousand tons of XNUMX.

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