Cable car works started between Darica Kale and Dudayev Park

In relation to the historical buildings and civil architecture works of Darica, Taner Aksoy, Director of Kocaeli Regional Directorate of Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, and Historical Buildings and Urban Aesthetics Branch Manager of Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Urbanization and Urban Planning. they exchanged.

During the visit, the work on the restoration project of the historic Darica Castle in Darıca and the route study on the establishment of a cable car line to the Dudayev Park were discussed. The restoration of the fortress and the restoration of the castle and now the only sign that stands under the ground, and the rest of the other signs of the land will be restored and the history of our town will be brought to light. Taner Aksoy, Director of the Regional Council for the Conservation of Cultural and Natural Property, stated that lar We will do our part in terms of technical support in terms of technical support for Darica lar. Volkan Şenel, Director of the Department of Historical Places, added that they expect that all the registered structures will apply for support in the subsequent grants.

After the meeting, in which the route of the cable car between Darıca Kale and Dudayev Park was determined, President Şükrü Karabacak presented the Darıca Heart Union Gate to its visitors and said, “We are extremely happy to host an important meeting in terms of revealing the history of our Darica. In addition to the historical and cultural restructuring as Darica We also stand by our values. In this context, Darıca Castle was brought to the light completely and brought to our district. kazanWe will make every effort to make it happen.” He emphasized that the talks were extremely beneficial.


In addition, the other agenda of the meeting of our county was the members of the Association of Historic Cities. Şükrü Karabacak visitors to the City Council as a member of the Historic Cities Association Darica discussed the decision to be discussed in the Municipal Assembly and said that the application will be made in the coming days.

Source: Target Newspaper

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