President Abdullah Gül made fun of the cable car in Kayseri

President Abdullah Gül, who was in Kayseri, took the cable car and the gondola with his wife Hayrünnisa Gül.


Visiting Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center within the framework of his contacts in Kayseri, Gül had breakfast here in a cafeteria. Gül received information from the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki about the Erciyes Master Plan.
Later, President Gül took the gondola with his wife Hayrünnisa Gül. Özhaseki pair of rose pair was accompanied.
Rose, 13. 5 took part in the funeral prayer of XNUMX after the prayer in the historical mosque which was a work of Seljuks.
Rose walking from the mosque, visited some shops on the way. Rose tasted bacon and Turkish delight served by tradesmen.
Shopkeepers sohbet Gül, who greeted the citizens who showed her affection, went to the Kazancılar Bazaar. Tradesmen, who also entered some shops in the bazaar, offered him tea and coffee.

Gül visited the buildings under the transformation project

Abdullah Gul University (AGU) Sumerian Campus informational luncheon speech at the meeting in the President, and named only Abdullah Gul University in Kayseri in Central Anatolia and said all would be a great achievement for the whole of Turkey.
After the speeches and the dinner, President Gül visited the factory buildings in the campus and received information about the transformation project.

Hayrünnisa Gül, two hosts to visit
Hayrünnisa Gül visited the two mansions restored in Talas district.
Gül, who examined the 200-year-old mansion, which was owned by Talas Municipality and was opened at the end of last year, received information from the officials. With citizens on the exit sohbet Gül then visited the restored Feyzioğlu Mansion.

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