The Cableway Planned for Ankara

The Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects organized a daily press conference in Ankara. The meeting was attended by the Ankara Branch Chairman Ali Hakkan, Ankara Branch Secretary Tezcan Karakuş Candan, Muteber Osmanpaşaoğlu, member of the Board of Directors, and Özlem Dengiz Uğur, member of the reserve board. Ali Hakkan, the Ankara Branch President of the Chamber of Architects, criticized the Metropolitan Municipality who wanted to install a ropeway system.

, The calculations made by looking at the examples of ropeways in the world show that the ropeway system is expressed in millions of dollars, although it does not solve the transportation problem. The capacity of the ropeway can be carried by people. T Hakkan, Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch, said they prepared a report on the ropeway transportation. X The 27 cable car investment, which covers the 5 kilometer, costs 324 a million dollars. Compared to the cost of carrying capacity and cost, there is absolutely no costly, financial, and practicable approach to transportation policies.

”Only 2 can carry a thousand people“
Ankara Branch secretary of the Chamber of Architects, Tezcan Karakuş uş Ankara does not have a serious transportation plan. Metropolitan Municipality President Melih Gokcek, transportation to produce daily solutions, can not solve the daily thinking, can not be ruled that the city with the daily thoughts 18 years before the subway did not finish and handed over to the Ministry of Transport. 6 thousand people per hour with buses, 12bin-40 thousand people with metrobus, 25-30 thousand people with light rail systems like Ankaray, 70 - 2000 people can be transported every hour with the cable car with the passenger carrying capacity of one thousand 2500 per hour. Instead of a ropeway, 10 can be built with a rail system that can accommodate up to a thousand people, expensive, low capacity and very high death rate when an accident occurs. The budgets allocated by our taxes should not be wasted so hard, ış he said, noting that Ankara should be prepared as soon as possible in the light of scientific data.

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