Festival Schedule in Bursaray

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitates transportation for the citizens due to the 51st International Bursa Festival this year, extended BursaRay flights by 12 hour during the festival starting from Tuesday, June 1th.
BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy reminded that the programs will start at 21.15 during the festival and stated that a new arrangement has been made to prevent the citizens who will watch the festival programs from having trouble in transportation. Fidansoy said, “The new application in BursaRay hours will continue until the end of the festival. We continue to make continuous improvements for the citizens to travel more comfortably. ”
According to the new application, the following hours from Şehreküstü station are as follows:
Şehreküstü-Arabayatağı 00.57
University-University 00.49
Şehreküstü-Emek 00.54




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