Bursa T1 Tram Stations

Bursa T1 Tram Map
Bursa T1 Tram Map

BURULAŞ-BURSA ULAŞIM TOPLU TAŞ.İŞLT.SAN.VE TİC.A.Ş. The stops of the Kent Meydani Sculpture tram line, which is the first line to be transported passengers in Bursa, has been announced.

Station locations:

1. Station Stadium: On the stadium street, in front of Atatürk Sports Palace,
2. Station Altıparmak: At the beginning of Altıparmak street,
3. Station Fork: In front of Şahabettin Paşa Mosque on Altıparmak street, in front of Koz Kebapçısı,
4. Station Hanlar: On Cemal Nadi street, across from Zafer Plaza,
5. Station Ulucami: On Atatürk Street, Ulucami Bazaar, in front of Ziraat Bank,
6. Station Sculpture: On Atatürk Street, in front of Protective Business Center,
7. Station Kayhan: On İnönü street, in front of Durmaz and Hüseyin İş Merkezi
8. Station Demirtaşpaşa: In front of Demirtaşpaşa Industrial Vocational High School on İnönü Street,
9. Station Gazcılar: On İnönü Street, Prison Sok. against
10. Station SGK: Inönü street end, SSI front
11. On the Cyprus Martyrs Avenue, in front of the courthouse, Yıldırım District Gendarmerie Command,
12. Station Uluyol: on the street of Kibris Sehitleri, between Guven and Filiz
13. Station Powerhouse: At the beginning of Uluyol Street, in front of Yapı Kredi Bank,
14. Station Square: On the street of Bahar Square, opposite the shopping mall
15. station Spring: On the spring street, in front of the Provincial Directorate of Foundations,
16. Station Merinos: On the Darmstad street, right across the street,

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